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The World’s Most Censored Democracy

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Australia is rapidly becoming the most censored “democracy” in the world. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulates all media from broadcasting, telecommunications, online search results, video games, to social media platforms. The Classification Board and Classification Review Board decides what information Australians can and cannot see. The government has even appointed an eSafety Commissioner to specifically oversee “online safety” and prohibit Australians from viewing anything the government deems unfit.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is an Orthodox Christian priest with a massive online following. Mari preaches at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, delivering powerful messages that have been resonating with believers and non-believers alike. Everyone is aware that Australia has a migrant crisis no different from other developed nations. A few weeks ago, Mari was delivering a sermon when an Islamic extremist approached him with a knife. Australia does not want the people to bear arms but that does not deter attacks.

The 16-year-old terrorist, who was clearly motivated by religion, rushed the altar with a knife and attempted to repeatedly stab Mari. The unarmed bishop held his crucifix up to the attacker and miraculously prevented the switchblade from fully opening, saving his life. The video of the attack has gone viral across the internet, met with an outpouring of sympathy from people around the world. The Australian government is angry that this video is painting migrants in a poor light and is demanding that it be scrubbed from the internet.

If he [the bishop] didn’t get himself involved in my religion, if he hadn’t spoken about my prophet, I wouldn’t have come here. … If he just spoke about his own religion, I wouldn’t have come,” the attacker said. It took the Australian government time to investigate whether this was a religiously motivated attack. After all, Christians are not a protected class and acts of violence against them are dismissed. “We believe there are elements that are satisfied in terms of religious motivated extremism,” New South Wales Police Force Commissioner Karen Webb stated before she later deemed it a “terrorist incident” due to public backlash.

Mari was also outspoken about COVID, lockdowns, and vaccine mandates. He criticizes the Australian government openly and honestly.


Australia’s eSafety Commissioner is attempting to remove the video from the internet. X (formerly Twitter) owned by Elon Musk revealed that the eSafety Commissioner contacted them to take down the video. “The Australian eSafety Commissioner ordered X to remove certain posts in Australia that publicly commented on the recent attack against a Christian Bishop. These posts did not violate X’s rules on violent speech,” the company stated.

Julie Inman Grant

Julie Inman Grant of the eSafety Commissioner is far within the deep state. She was offered a role with the CIA in the 90s but declined as she wanted the acknowledgement. “I wouldn’t be able to tell my friends and family what I was doing,” Grant stated on turning down the job. She proceeded to find a role in Microsoft as a government affairs manager before moving to Australia in 2000. Grant was awarded the title of national eSafety Commissioner in 2017.

Australia is livid that Elon Musk will not remove the video. “We know, I think overwhelmingly, Australians want misinformation and disinformation to stop. This isn’t about freedom of expression,” said Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. “This is about the dangerous implications that can occur when things that are simply not true, that everyone knows is not true, are replicated and weaponized in order to cause division and in this case to promote negative statements and potentially to just inflame what was a very difficult situation.”

What disinformation? It is a real video of an attack that occurred as a direct result of hatred against Christians. “I’d like to take a moment to thank the PM for informing the public that this platform is the only truthful one,” Musk responded, adding, it is “absurd for any one country to attempt to censor the entire world.”

The World Economic Forum has praised Australia for their extreme censorship efforts, deeming the eSafety Commissioner Grant “the world’s most influential leaders revolutionizing government.”

One must ask – why are they afraid of this particular video circulating? We must recognize the content that the globalists do not want us to see in order to understand the larger agenda.