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DuckDuckGo Has Been Compromised

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Gabriel Weinberg has violated the trust of myself as well as the integrity of his entire company. I do not care what he thinks about Ukraine. He is obviously easily influenced by the media and does not look at events with an open mind because BOTH sides will put out misinformation in a conflict. He has no right to censor Russia when what it says merely contradicts what the US says. How does he know who is telling the truth? That is not his job and engaging in censorship thinking what the US says is always true, guess he never looked at the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction that the US used to invade Iraq that was not part of any terrorist movement against the US or the West because Addam was an anti-religious fanatic. Both sides will spin the news in their own favor. We have a right to make those judgments for ourselves.

The EU is also going after search engines that will NOT censor information from Russia. This only makes the truth more impossible to uncover. The Tor browser is one alternative.


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DuckDuckGo marketed its search platform as the antithesis to Google. “Our privacy policy is simple: we don’t collect or share any of your personal information,” the company lists on its website. The engine claims not to track data or sell information to advertisers. However, the site has been compromised.

The alternative search engine gained popularity recently after a heavy marketing campaign that included ads throughout major cities, radio, TV, and even Superbowl commercial time slots. Personally, I have noticed that the website has produced what seems to be targeted results comparable to Google. An online user posted the search phrase “where to get” in their browser, only for the search engine to auto-populate every search term surrounding COVID vaccinations. Try it for yourself.

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The final nail in the coffin came when CEO Gabriel Weinberg announced that he would begin censoring search results due to “Russian disinformation.” Who gives Weinberg the authority to decide between “misinformation” and facts? The entire point of a search engine that acted as the antithesis to Google was to provide users with all available information, free from any censorship. Provide us with all the facts, and let us come up with our own independent thoughts. DuckDuckGo is no different from the companies it claims to be against, except it has a worse user interface.

Onion Alternatives

Website addresses ending in “.onion” are not similar to normal domain names, and one cannot access them with the ordinary web browser. They direct you to the Tor hidden services found on the deep web. Thus, .onion sites are a part of a deep web that is not perceptible to search engines and standard users. It is filled with websites for users fanatical about their anonymity and online privacy. Countless onion sites include very malicious things, and lots of them are likely to be rip-offs. It is usually recommended to stay away from them. As a browser, Tor is the best for privacy. It’s a links’ directory, and you’ll find links to nearly anything and everything which isn’t available on the clearnet.