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The Social Dilemma & AI

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I have gotten a lot of emails regarding AI and what is the difference between Socrates and the AI being deployed by BigTech? I think this documentary provides a scary view of what is wrong with AI as it has been used by BigTech. To provide free access to “users” they must to still make money. Their clients are the advertisers and the way to compete for advertising dollars against the general arena of TV to magazines and everything in between was to track everything you do and then sell your profile to advertisers.

Because of this business model, they were obsessed with getting your attention and clicks which is the life-blood of their monetization. When you create AI to predict what you will do next based on tracking what everyone is doing, then you create something that is beyond the control of human intent. As they point out, they created the “LIKE” tags to simply get more clicks but had no idea that it would traumatize teens to the point that they have been responsible for sizable upticks in suicides.



Socrates is not tracking you – it is tracking the capital flows and geopolitical events along with the weather. In the process, it has taught me so much over the years for it finds correlations that one might never have thought about. The first forecast I thought was off-the-wall, was back in the early 1980s it forecast that the British economy would separate from the EU and align itself with the US, Australia, and Canada. That was a drastic forecast economically. That is when I had to create a verbal interface to be able to ask questions. When I did, it was able to answer my questions and revealed that within just 3 years of the discovery of the North Sea Oil, it was altering the economy of Britain and making it align with the commodity-based economies. I seriously doubt that any human would have picked that up in just 3 years.

terminator R

AI can be for good, but yes it can be also given a directive that is evil. I believe that was the case in BigTech. If you created AI with the directive that humans were evil, then yes you would end up with something along the lines of the Terminator. You could create such a program that even selectively targets people with only a specific DNA sequence. They have already created tools that could be used to create specific viruses.



Some argue that we are already in the MATRIX because BigTech tracks everything we do and has turned us into their economic slaves upon which they manipulate and produce profits in selling that data. It is all around us and it is out of control.

It all depends upon the business model and the directive. Socrates was unleashed to discover how the world functions. It can predict the rise and fall of nations and explores nature extracting real-world cycles to individual markets and where they stand at this moment in time.

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