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Britain Passes the Snooper Charter Ending ALL Privacy

Britain has passed what everyone calls the “snooper’s charter” otherwise known as the Investigatory Powers Bill. This [...]

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Bill Gates – Victim of Propaganda?

  QUESTION: Once again Martin your information and explanations are top class. Indian demonetisation, supportive stories in Australian press of ending the [...]

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Is Trump our Savior or our Destroyer?

While people keep criticizing Trump’s tax plan saying the wealthy will get more back by lowering the top bracket from 39.6% to 33%, all they focus on is class [...]

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What India Did – Other Countries Will Do – BEWARE

This is the boldest move by any government in recent times. Both the old 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes have been “probabilistically devalued” meaning that [...]

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Military Exercises Civil Unrest

Troops Inspecting People at Canadian Border

QUESTION: Hi Martin Here’s an update on a new militarization event on a USA-to-Canada vehicle border crossing at Port-Huron bridge, MI. At 3 am Sat morning I [...]

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California Will Also Use Radar to Issue Tickets to Bicycles for Speeding

Let one government come up with a new idea how to extort money from the public, and it spreads like a contagion. Now California will begin issuing tickets to [...]

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Eliminating Cash – The NEW AGE of Economics

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong, thank you for all that you are doing. I was hoping to get your view on the Indian government banning large denomination bills. What do you [...]

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France Using Radar to Ticket Speeding Bikers

Believe it of not, France is now imposing a 10k speed limit for those riding bicycles. They are using radar guns to ticket riders. When governments need money, they [...]

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When the Back Office Becomes Bigger than the Front Office – It is Time to Die

COMMENT: You are certainly correct, the money hunt is escalating and it’s becoming ridiculous.  I deal with it on a daily basis in the office. What a bunch [...]

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World Trade Collapsing On Schedule

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has warned that there is a “dramatic slowing of trade growth” unfolding. The WTO has revised downward its [...]

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