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BREXIT On Schedule


BREXITThere is talk that Obama may go to Britain to express support for Cameron’s position on Britain remaining in the EU, even though it will surrender its sovereignty to do so. The USA would NEVER agree to such terms itself. How could anyone tell Britain to surrender its very soul to the insanity of Brussels, as if they have done such a wonderful job? The EU is being eaten alive from the inside and now 66% of Germans are against Merkel. Yet, Britain should surrender everything to this madness? It has been 43 years since Britain entered the EU. It did quite well before 1973. If Britain remains in the EU, well, these people have already passed laws against short-selling. They will destroy London as a financial hub and reduce it to a third world status.

We will be issuing a special report on Britain given the serious of what is at stake.

Since the issue is sovereignty being surrendered, the queen should rightfully say yes or no as well.