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History is our Only Road Map to the Future

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History Repeats


Many people hated history class because they said it was just about a lot of wars and killing people. That was true of modern history, particularly, for they were teaching events – not how or why they took place in the broad context. History is so much more. It is a catalog of our dreams, inspirations, trials, successes, and failures. Yet history is also a road map to the future, for you will see that given similar circumstances, human nature will respond the same way no matter what culture or century.


Greek Philosophers

As I have said before, the most valuable lesson my father taught me was to NEVER judge someone by my own thinking process. To truly understand history, you MUST understand the thinking process of how society arrived at that moment in time. I studied the Greek philosophers and could make the connection between why Marx arrived at his conclusions and why our Founding Fathers adopted a Republic rather than a Direct Democracy. It is vital to understand the thinking process behind events—not merely the event and the outcome.

Claudius Speech 48AD

I have studied how and why the Roman Empire achieved its greatness. Emperor Claudius (41-54AD) was a very intelligent man and a history lover. Other contemporary historians have quoted his works, but unfortunately, they have not survived.  His speech before the Senate of Rome from 48AD has survived. He argued that prominent men from the provinces should be granted membership in the Senate. In doing so, he avoided the mistake of England, which resulted in the American Revolution – NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. The American colonies were not given a seat in Parliament. Had the King followed Claudius, we would still be drinking Afternoon Tea.

Claudius AV Aureus Britaish Conquest

We are not merely sleep-walking into World War III with insane leaders who no longer represent the people, but they are acting only in their self-interests in retaining power. The Biden Administration is forcing its policies upon everyone, like the King of England, and he has weaponized the Department of Justice to rig the election of 2024. They NEED war before this election – DESPERATELY! The entire fiscal mismanagement since World War II has run its course. Any government collapses when it can no longer sell the new debt to pay off the old. If we ran a business as they run governments, we would go to prison for 20 years since they call that a Ponzi Scheme.

History will show us the way if we dare to look. But it is also a warning that those in power are now destroying our civilization. They think they will retain power as promised by Soros and Klaus Schwab. Sorry, our computer says otherwise.

History offers a guidebook to the future. All we have to ask is: Has this been done before? What was the outcome?