Sports on the Decline

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COMMENT: Looks like Socrates was correct about the NFL – peaked and now declining! With or without Trump’s help! Bravo!

REPLY: Yes. The Cowboys and Cardinals linked arms amid National Anthem protests displays a sad day for where we are headed. The Sports Cycle is indeed a leading indicator of the decline and fall of an empire. The year 2015 saw FIFA peak, the Super Bowl peak, and even Tiger Woods peaked in golf. The decline is in motion. Mixing politics with sports is very bad idea.  You will inevitable get 50% of the crowd angry and they wont go back. The year 2015 was a key turning point in sports.


I myself had wanted to go see the play in New York, Hamilton. When the entire cast stood in protest because the Vice President was there in the audience, that made my decision. I would not not go see that play if they paid me. We should be able to go to a game or a play without being besieged with politics. Many of us go to such events to escape the world around us. That is often the attraction of a good SciFi film to show what the future could be or different based systems such as Arrival (some people hated this movie because it showed a strong woman rather than just looking at the story).

Entertainment should be entertainment – void of politics.