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Cast of Hamilton Show How Politically Ignorant they Truly Are

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The audacity of the cast of Hamilton booed Pence when he attended. They showed how ignorant they truly are of politics and how they are fueling the great divide in the United States that threatens civil war all because they totally lack any comprehension of reality. It does not matter who the President might be, nobody can engage in discrimination for race, creed, or gender. However, they can impose an affirmative test to ensure someone is not a terrorist or rapist coming from countries attempting to infiltrate the West and alter the very fabric of our culture that they happen to despise.

I would fully agree with such political statements IF a politician ATTEMPTED to carry such a policy out. Trump has not even attempted such a policy nor has he spoke about doing so. These people are totally ignorant of the refugee crisis in Europe and the thousands of rapes of girls even in pools. They should start looking at international news before they try to support something they obviously have no idea about.

Tickets for Hamilton are the most expensive on Broadway and sell for $500-$2,000. I think they are absurd in their political statements when they are the HIGHEST paid on Broadway in history.