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2015.75 was Just the Beginning

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934 ECM 2011 2020

QUESTION: Hello Mr Armstrong

I have not forgotten when I saw the reportage about you on TV when you announced that in October 2015 will start the big economic collapse. do you think that that date was bit early or really there is some thing happened?

Thank you very much Mr Martin.

I’m one of your fans.
Have a nice day.
I hope to read you soon.

ANSWER: No, October 2015 was spot on. What you have to understand is this is really a complete process. That is the day Russia invaded Syria and that I said would mean that Syria would become a key focal point. Ever since we have the Refugee Crisis that has turned Europe decisively lower and changed politics – i.e. BREXIT, Barcelona, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Netherlands all the way to Merkel and the immediate election where she has been significantly weakened.

Trump Sworn In

Then do not forget we had Trump elected, which our computer also forecast. That turning point also marked the change in trend in interest rates. The Fed raised rates for the first time after that target in 2015.

We are looking at an economic crash – not a market crash. As government implodes with the Pension Crisis, capital shifts from public assets to private. This is a process that is not instantaneous, it is an ongoing event that will worsen now into 2020 and it will not end until this Private Wave peaks in 2032.