Was Our System the Only One Correct or Were They Falsifying the Polls?

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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, I was told by a friend that you forecast BREXIT and Trump and was the only one in the world to do so. I’ve been fascinated reading your site, particularly your discussion of Trump’s likelihood of winning when the polls and people gave him little chance. Can you possibly explain just how do you do this when nobody else can?


ANSWER: This is an interesting question. I personally did not forecast these two events from an OPINION perspective and the withdraw of Hollande in France really confirms the end of the socialists also in line with our projections as well as the Italy referendum. The forecasts were done entirely by the computer, which is not biased nor can it get involved in an emotional call. Therefore, it is purely honest and creates forecasts that interlink with the economy. We hear nothing but promises of change, election after election, but the people are simply outraged that nothing ever changes for the better. Just follow the economy and you will forecast the end result.

I believe the question this really presents is something nobody is asking. Is it true that my computer was the ONLY one to correctly forecast both Brexit and Trump? These forecasts were indeed unique. Was everyone else wrong or were they trying to desperately manipulate society because they knew that Brexit and Trump might win?

Obviously, Hillary really believed she won. They even had her autograph an edition of Newsweek Magazine. Were they that wrong or did they think so convincingly that they had succeeded in their manipulation?

I am not sure. Perhaps we were the only ones to forecast these events simply because we are using economic data and not opinion polls. Yet, with 99% of the newspapers endorsing Hillary and Google allegedly skewing the search results to support Hillary, maybe they just believed too much in their own power.