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Klaus Schwab is Planned on Taking your 401K

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shaking_Money M401K 2

COMMENT: Hey Martin …

Americans for the most part think everything forthcoming “sounds” good, and

essentially stay blind to all the gory details of The Great Reset.

I try to explain it to a few people and it’s difficult to get a worried response UNTIL I say

THEY WILL CONFISCATE YOUR 401K !!   That does it, then they suddenly have an angry reaction and want to know more. As always, it’s a money thing that directly affects people that wakes them up at last.

It has to be explained in very simple straightforward terms. NO ONE Democrat or Republican
wants to “forfeit” their own life savings. It’s fine if someone else pays for it. Typical human nature just as the billionaires have no intention of giving up their own wealth which they
accumulated under Capitalism !!

How does Socrates see this Gates/ Schwab Combo agenda failing ? What will cause their demise ?

Looking forward to WEC …


Schwab Wife

REPLY: They will never convince the Chinese to return to communism. The same with the younger generations in the former iron curtain regions. In the United States, they will encounter resistance of at least 33% and in Europe perhaps 25%. Schwab was a professor of business policy at the University of Geneva from 1972 to 2003. He has NEVER had to really work for a living. His entire career would be like if I read a book on childbirth and then conducted a course in how it feels to give birth. It is just impossible without experience. He has ZERO experience in the real world but plenty of honorary decrees for actually just theory.

They will collapse for their very ideas are against human nature. When I was young and into computers, I was offered a job tax-free to go to Thule Greenland where they monitored the top of the globe in case of a Russian attack. It was top secret back then. It was paying $50,000 when a Cadillac was less than $4,000. I declined because it was a job where you did nothing. You had to be there just in case. Not everyone can be paid to just sit there. Perhaps they judge people by themselves. They have never accomplished anything and just talk among themselves as to how to make life better for the great unwashed when they have never taken their own trash out to the curb.

Marxism 2

They will succeed in causing the breakup of the West and the financial capital of the world will shift to China post-2032. They will only succeed in destroying Western culture and causing our societies to divide with rising separatist movements. But their goal of controlling the entire world will fail. People like Schwab understand nothing about human nature. He and Piketty will never understand why Marx failed. They assume everyone can be bought.