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Don’t Come to Norway – Taxing Our Way into 2032

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Norway Y Combined 4 28 24

In 2021, the Extreme Left Labour Government seized power in Norway, overthrowing the eight years of Conservative rule. Labour won 48 of the 169 parliamentary seats, one less than in 2017, but the Conservatives lost nine seats and were left with only 36. We can see that 2021 was low for the US dollar after COVID against the Norway Krone, and ever since the leftists seized power, they have been steering Norway in that direction where all Marxist regimes have died violently and inevitably.

Berlin Wall Falls

All leftist governments impose their will to crush any individualism. They are obsessed with someone who has more than they do. Every leftist government ends in utter disaster. They reduce the standard of living and inevitably drive the most talented people out of their domain. Every Marxist government, from Russia to China, has committed suicide by suppressing innovation, and the most talented people will always seek to leave. In the case of Communism, they built the Berlin Wall in 1961 to prevent people from fleeing. These LEFTIST governments are now moving to impose an EXIT tax if you seek to leave their depressing economic domains. Human nature will ALWAYS prevail, and this is why every single government that has abused its power and then tried to prevent people from leaving with EXIT TAXES or a version of the Berlin Wall crumbled to dust and is all buried in a common grave by history.

Marx ten commandments socialism

The Bible is a very interesting historical document. Socialism violates the Ten Commandments, and I am shocked that nobody has challenged this progressiveness of taxation as a violation of their religious beliefs. This very reason this prohibition against LEFTIST political agendas is in the Ten Commandments is because human nature has never changed, and such LEFTIST experiments have been tried for thousands of years and have always failed.

Sparta Coinage Spears

Communism first appeared in historical records back in Ancient Greece. This was a classic battle, like our modern Cold War. Athens was a capitalistic system that had its own internal battle between the Oligarchy and Democracy, which we still have today. Sparta was a communist state, so much so that it NEVER adopted coinage, and these spits were maintained to PREVENT people from hoarding wealth—sound familiar with electronic money and canceling currencies? The Spartan system was based on the idea that the collective came before the individual. This is the cornerstone of all LEFTIST regimes.

Corinth Staters 5th-4th century

Marx believed Communism would prevail because Sparta defeated Athens in 404 BC. However, Sparta was in league with its neighbors, especially Corinth, whose coinage competed with Athens in trade. So Sparta was the Communist state, but it was aided by other capitalistic cities to knock out the financial capital of the world so they could replace it.

Philip II AR Tetradram Mint State

This division eventually led to the opening of the door for the northern Macedonians to take all of Greece under Philip II (359-336BC) and his son Alexander the Great. This Cold War between effectively Spartan Communism and Athenian Capitalism weakened Greece and allowed them to be conquered by Macedonia, which was not originally part of Greece.

To be a Spartan citizen, one had to undertake the Agoge’s rigorous military education. Only those who had completed their education in the Agoge were entitled to be citizens. The criteria for a Spartan citizen were very high. While the system ensured that the Spartans were well-trained warriors, it also led to problems replacing those who died in battle. To be a citizen, the Spartan had to pay his way into the agoge, such as supply his armor. The economic burden upon the common people was its undoing. Lacking a flourishing economy because people were steered into the military for the state, it sealed its fate with a gradually declining economic base. With the rising costs over time, fewer and fewer people could afford to pay their way into agoge.

Thebes AR Stater 379 368BC

Sparta emerged victorious during the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC, and by 400 BC, it had replaced Athens as the greatest military power in the Greek world. However, it neither contributed to the economy no less art and creativity. Then, in 371 BC, in just about 31.4 years, the Spartans were defeated in the battle for the first time by Thebes. They lost that military power and Greece’s leadership. Nothing lasts forever. During that entire period, Sparta never issued any coinage because it was an anti-capitalistic state.

Exit Tax


Whenever a LEFTIST government turns to restrict the movement of people by building Berlin Walls to keep them in or an EXIT TAX to confiscate their wealth as a punishment for leaving, the end is always near. The LEFT is not taxing you to pay any fair share of the state expense; it is pure hatred popularized by Marxism. When you are not there, there is no fair share to be paid. The end is merely inevitable. The LEFT will always impose dictatorial decrees and refuse even once to consider that what they are doing is against human nature. The LEFT always sees the “collective” as more important than the evil individual – or basic human rights to live in peace.

In recent developments in Norway, the failure of the government’s economic policies has been taxing the “hated” rich; they are planning to introduce a more stringent EXIT TAX to punish anyone who leaves their draconian policies. This move has attracted much criticism from many sources, but historically, the LEFT has never listened. Even in the United States, just look at those states that have extreme LEFT regimes, and you will find EXIT Taxes as well.

California Exit Tax 2

California Exit Tax


California in the US is an absolutely horrible place, and it is following the same path as Norway. California is no longer a place to invest, as is the case with New York and most of the New England states.  New Jersey has an EXIT Tax applied if you sell your home and buy something in another state. Connecticut has a 2.25% EXIT Tax. New Jersey has an Exit Tax. All of the LEFTIST government sees you as just an economic slave. It has nothing to do with paying your fair share – they are only interested in economically punishing you.

If you do not get the hell out of these states, it will only get worse because they NEVER have enough and will NEVER change their policies until there is a political revolution and they are voted out of power. But the brightest will always leave, and in the end, they commit economic suicide, no different than ancient Sparta.

Yellen tax on Unrealized Gains

Spearheaded by Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, the initiative aims to deter affluent Norwegians from relocating to countries with more favorable tax regimes, such as Switzerland, by imposing a hefty tax on unrealized gains. Here in the USA, Janet Yellen wants investors to pay a tax on the increase in the value of stock every year, even if it is not sold. So if a stock goes from $100 to $150 you must pay tax on that $50. Then there is a crash, and it drops 25%. You will get no tax credit, and then it bounces 10%; you owe TAX on that 10% bounce.

1913 Income Tax

Naturally, Janet Yellen says this is only to target the billionaires. They said the income tax was only for the rich back in 1913. They will NEVER have enough because they bribe people for their votes, and when that does not work, suddenly, Democracy becomes evil Populism, which cannot be tolerated. Hence, they lie about elections and rig them to retain power. Once Yellen gets that power to tax unrealized gains, you are better off selling all investments, paying an income tax once, and stop investing in anything that can be publically valued. They could extend that to your home as well. This is the end of Capitalism. Once they destroy the economy, then we will be vulnerable to an invasion, just as Greece was conquered by Macedonia.

Tax Robbery

These people are absolutely destroying capitalism and Western Society. We have only 8 years left because this entire economic system will collapse. This is unsustainable. In Australia, the LEFT wants to confiscate all your wealth upon death, and you should be prohibited from leaving anything to your children. Everyone should start from ZERO – except LEFTIST politicians, of course. This is what 2032 is all about. These people are destroying our future and the very foundation of a free society.