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It’s Always the LEFT Who Are the Threat to Democracy & Liberty

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Marx ten commandments socialism


Throughout history, the LEFT is ALWAYS more violent because at the very core of their belief system is that they are always the victim who is not as successful as others, and they tend to be brainwashed into this mantra that has been around for thousands of years. Their actions violate the Ten Commandments, which are rooted in prohibitions one finds in the legal codes of Assyrians and Babylonians. That makes sense since Abraham came from the City of Ur, an important Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia.

Sparta Coinage SpearsThe ancient city-state of Sparta, which waged war and defeated Athens in 404 BC, was the classic battle between the Left and the Right. Sparta was a communist state, standing against democracy and private wealth. To prevent individual wealth and decadence, Sparta refused to mint coinage when every city in Greece issued its own coinage. Sparta only used these iron spits for transactions to ensure nobody would ever be able to have too much.

1928 Berlin Revolution


The LEFT is always more violent, which has been the course of events for thousands of years. Unfortunately, this is our fate, which resides at the basic foundation that promotes civil unrest, revolutions, and even international war.