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Is it Time For People to Help People?

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The Socialists encourage the worst of humanity – they see themselves as always victims which they then use to justify oppressing others. The persecution of the Jews by the Nazis began for the very same reason. The Jews were the “rich” bankers and business owners. Hitler targeted them not simply because of their ethnicity, he did so to confiscate all their property. He even harvested the gold from their teeth once they were dead. It is always the same justification. That was the battle cry of Maximinus (235-238AD) of Rome who declared all wealth belonged to the state and he paid ransoms to anyone who reported hidden wealth. The IRS will pay a portion of money people may report on others exactly as Maximinus did. They always act the same because human nature never changes.

I grew up during a period everyone helped everyone. You didn’t even need to lock your doors. The more society moved toward socialism, the more the image of being the victim replaced basic common ground. Those days are long gone. This story from World War II illustrates how people once cared for one another. Perhaps we can return to that post-2032.