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Jeffrey Epstein is Dead – Of Course on Schedule

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Epstein Jeffrey 228x300

It did not take long – Epstein is dead as expected. No way would he be allowed to go to trial. He was denied bail after offering to pay for 24-hour guards and wearing a GPS bracelet. He was denied bail in order to ensure he would never go to trial. He was held in 10 South where they hid me with the terrorists so I could not talk to my lawyers either.

The story of suicide is really not believable. If he was suicidal he would have been on suicide watch and everything would have been removed to ensure he could not commit suicide. This is simply the way the government ensures high profiles never go to trial.

In my case, they used another inmate because a suicide story wouldn’t work. Everyone’s doors were locked except mine and my attacker and the officer on duty I never saw before or after. When my attacker came out he was bragging he killed me with my blood on his hands according to all the other inmates who were banging on their doors and the officer ignored.

I was in a coma for several days. To their dismay, I survived. My lawyers warned me about the different ways they might try to kill me. One way they put baby oil in the lightbulb. Turn on the light and it explodes on fire and you burn to death alive. Suicide is a favorite when they can claim you are remorseful and could not live with yourself.

This is the standard operating procedure. Any high-profile who will be able to expose things others have done will NEVER make it to trial.


Tapes on Bank Manipulations in Armstrongs case TR 2 7 2000 113x300In my case, I had tapes which in a real system would have put many New York Bankers in prison if they did not own the Justice Department, SEC, CFTC, and the courts. Republic National Bank/HSBC had to plead guilty only because I did an interview with the Japanese press and told my clients they had better come to file a suit against HSBC or they would never see a dime.

HSBC Gag Cover 232x300

When my clients and I began to work together against HSBC, then HSBC told the government to gag me, which they did. I have a lifetime gag order placed on me denied the right to help my own clients.

The bank was parking illegal trades in my accounts and covertly using my money the same as MF Global for their own trading. Here is an exculpatory tape they withheld from the courts and the public where $50 million was in an account sitting in Fannie Maes and there was no trading. This tape by itself proved all their allegations were false and they deliberately violated the civil rights of myself, my clients, and everyone in the company.

When we went to check the balance on a new account where not a single trade took place, all the money had vanished. When I called Bill Rogers, President of the Securities Division, he slipped and said oh they probably put the notes back in the wrong account. When I asked what was going on since they were not supposed to be touching the notes, they did all sorts of backflips.

Judge Richard Owen threatened to throw all my lawyers in contempt if they did not hand over all the tapes. I argued they had nothing to do with the allegations. The judge naturally ruled in favor of the government and said maybe they would reveal where the assets were for the bank was claiming they had no idea where $1 billion had gone.

It was absolutely a joke. You either wire out the money, write a check, or you take a truck and crash into the vault assuming they even had $1 billion in cash not collecting interest. You cannot beam it out like Star Trek. The absurdity of the allegation was indicative of the corruption in New York. There is no way $1 billion vanishes.

At the preview of the film the Forecaster in Amsterdam, the third night was attended by all the top bankers in Europe. When they heard the HSBC’s allegations that $1 billion was missing and they had no idea where it went, the entire room began to laugh at such an impossibility. But the US press never asked if such a thing was possible just repeating whatever the government said.

FCI Letter 2007 300x285

SEC WrldTrCentr 275x300They refused to provide discovery to even put on a defense. They claimed all my documents were destroyed in the World Trade Center attack. I found this tape in my mother’s basement where I had a copy but did not discover it until my ordeal was finished.

The Judge and the government’s prosecutors knew exactly what to do. They had to seize all the tapes that proved the numerous market manipulations that even involved paying bribes to foreign officials not much different from the Malaysian 1MDB scandal. I had tapes asking me to join a manipulation of Platinum where they admitted paying bribes to Russian ministers to recall their platinum to take an inventory.

In my case, I believe the bankers were given the green light to interfere in the Russian 2000 elections blackmailing Yeltsin and they were supported by the Clintons. In this case, the stories of Epstein and Clinton are far too numerous to allow such a case to go to trial not to mention others. He had to die.

Welcome to American justice. Anything they will never allow to go to trial always ends up with the defendant dead, or in my case, I survived after being in a coma. If Epstein was truly suicidal, he would have been on suicide watch and they will even handcuff you and your legs to the beg, which is concrete when they want you to testify. In this case, Epstein was to be silenced for they did not want him to testify against anyone else. This is what happens in America when you know too much.