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Zelensky – Who is Pulling his Strings?

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Zelensky on Stage R

COMMENT #1: Thank you for trying to tell the truth about Zelensky. He is not defending his own people. We elected him because he promised the opposite. Why does the West only listen to this traitor?


COMMENT #2: “Zelensky sacrificing his own people” ? Seems to me that psychotic dictator in the Kremlin has got that all sewn up. Suggest you change your medication


REPLY: This is clearly a war against Russia and it has been the dream of the Neocons. It is hard to imagine why Zelensky is putting his entire country at risk over simply honoring the Minsk Agreement and lettering the Donbas to vote on their separation.  Zelensky has been part of the corruption – all Ukrainians thought they were getting rid of no doubt. Zelensky has been turned into a global celebrity and he loves it while cashing in. These people desperately trying to create World War III, wanted to nominate Zelensky for the Nobel Peace Prize for refusing to negotiate in good faith? Meanwhile, Biden will NOT tell Americans why Ukraine matters. All he does is say Putin is evil. How does that affect Americans at home?

There is no question that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is and has been working to create and arm an insurgency in Ukraine because it is on the very border with Russia and has been the gateway for all historical invasions of Russia because of the flat terrain – i.e. Hitler and Napoleon.

The CIA is following the same “models” of past CIA-backed insurgencies in Afghanistan and Syria in Ukraine. Given that those countries have been ravaged by war as a direct result of those insurgencies, this has only fueled the civil war in Ukraine since 2014. Nobody looks at the risks of arming the Nazis of Ukraine just as we did with the Taliban against Russia that backfired. The opposition to Zelensky in Ukraine is ignored, blacked out, and canceled for Western interests. They have said:

“We, leaders of Ukrainian political parties and public organizations which have joined together in the
National Resistance Front against the Eurocolonization of Ukraine, demand that the leaders of the EU and
NATO, as well as officials from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and others, stop their interference in the internal
affairs of Ukraine and not incite civil war in Ukraine alongside Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

Zelensky Opposition

The rhetoric is outrageous. Biden has called Putin a war criminal and now a Butcher. This is a sign that the US wants war and has no intention of seeking peace. No head of state attacks the other in this manner for such words cannot be taken back. They reflect intention and Putin fully understands. Biden’s Tweet has confirmed this is not about Ukraine – this is simply the Neocon’s desire for war against China and Russia.

They are using the very same tactics against Donald Trump to prevent him from running against in 2024 calling him also a criminal. They are keeping the headlines full of Ukraine while they are secreting imposing a complete authoritarian regime here in the West with their digital IDs to control our movement.

What is taking place is an outrageous campaign against the Russian people themselves – not just Putin or the Russian state. It is reminiscent of how the Japanese were treated in the United States during World War II – imprisoned based on their ethnicity. Where is the Russian Lives Matter? Not only has the Czech Republic seized all assets of ethnic Russians living in the Czech Republic, now Switzerland is joining in seizing any Russian accounts.

The hatred of Russians as a people has even altered history removing  Yuri Gagarin from being the first man in space because he is Russian. He died in 1968. What does he have to do with Ukraine? This is NOT against just Putin. This is telling all of Russia you are scum and the West will annihilate you. Perhaps humanity just always needs some group to hate and Biden is leading the charge.



You are NOT going to watch this war unfold on CNN and cheer every Russian killed. Perhaps you should look at the simulation of war with Russia. And that is not taking into account the new first-strike weapons that are supersonic. Nor does this include a simultaneous attack between China and Russia against the West. So while you all cheer Zelensky, and take the time to write hate mail to me, how about keeping an open mind, realize they are twisting your own views to get us into a war that you will say oh shit at the end of your time.

How about writing to Congress instead of blindly supporting Zelensky. They are even putting Zelensky on the Oscars to sell World War III. Zelensky could agree to the terms of Putin which are very reasonable and limited. But no – he is told to push the world into war all for the Neocons pulling his strings. Don’t worry. You will get your wish – World War III is coming and 2023 will not look very pretty. While you cheer the death of every Russian, this is not God and country your hate has been cultivated for, it is for the Neocons who won’t be happy until they destroy their enemy. This is how they fire you up to die for their cause. As Barry McGuire said in  his song Eve of Destruction you can hate your neighbor but don’t forget to say grace.

Biden tells everyone not to fear nuclear war, while to is using the Doomsday 747 just in case. I’m sorry, I hate to have to write this stuff. But unless the people write to their representative governments, consider migrating south.