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Biden Confirms this is World War III

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2022_03_26 Biden Long War

This Tweet by Biden has effectively confirmed we are entering World War III and this is intentional. The sales point is this is Democracy, which we do not have otherwise the people would be voting on war or peace, not his staff, and autocracy, which in this case is no different. The decisions in the Washington and Moscow are being made by the elite – not the people in either country. Of course, Putin’s demand that Zelensky allows the Donbas a free election is what is being denied and the press wants to pretend this is about democracy when it is not. I have plenty of Ukrainian friends and they too did not vote for war.

Fall of Civilization 17x309 1

So, unfortunately, they will stir up the emotion to hate Putin so they get their way. But this is the end of Western civilization as we have known it. Socrates will be correct again. Every step Biden is taking is to end Western Civilization as we have known it. Post-2024 into 2032 will be the worst of it. But for now, the computer is pointing to 2023 and the start of serious violence globally. This is NOT what the world has voted for. This is why I have warned that REPUBLICS are the worse form of government and they are indistinguishable from the pretended autocratic government we are supposed to be willing to die to end.

Croesus on Pyre Detail

This reminds me of the story of Croesus, king of Lydia. He asked the Oracle at Delphi if he waged war upon Persia would he win. The Oracle replied – a great empire will be destroyed. He took that as his victory. He lost and the collapse of the great empire was his. Ah how stupidity causes history to repeat.