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War & Who is the Aggressor?

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German Lusitania_warningWhat is very clear is that the philosophy adopted by the US military post-World War II seriously threatens world peace and it diminishes the dignity of the United States. In the Cycle of War report, I provided the evidence that every single war we have engaged in has been a lie not just the invasion of Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction when it was all about oil and making money for Dick Cheney’s friends. Sadly, George Bush Jr will go down in history for being the aggressor when it would be a miracle if he even knew where Iraq was, to begin with. Then there was the fake news that Vietnam attacked the USA. Even Lyndon Johnson lied to the nation on TV and privately said the Americans were probably shooting at whales that night not a Vietnamese attack.

Even the sinking of the Lusitania was a deliberate act by the USA to justify getting involved in the war because Americans were isolationists. The Germans even took out an advertisement warning that the Lusitania would be sunk because it was using passengers as cover to move weapons to Britain. Our military sacrificed its own citizens to justify war.

LusitaniaThen there was Operation Northwoods where the documents have come out showing that the CIA wanted to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba to start a war. Every single war has been started with fake news all so some in the Military get to play with their toys no matter how many boys die for their games.

The critical problem we face is truly monumental. It is a vast problem that has consumed foreign policy discussions for decades. The underlying Syria issue brings to the surface the core problem. Besides the fact that it was the US invasion of Iraq that has unleashed the war in Syria since Sadam prevented the religious fanatics to ever gain a foothold. There was no civil war in Syria before removing Sadam. Mercenaries have come from all over to fight in Syria. It is not even purely a civil war.

The issue at hand is a very serious set of questions. (1) What is America’s role in the world? (2) What are America’s obligations to the world? (3) What happens if America ignores these beliefs of its role to police the world? These questions encapsulate the threat of World War III so the military gets to play with their toys one more time. They presume the USA has a divine right to police the entire world when its people were always isolationists who fled here to get away from the chaos of Europe. True, as that first generation died out, the subsequent generations forgot why their ancestors fled Europe, to begin with. Far too many just assume the USA is the policeman of the world and never question that assumption.

LivingStandards American DreamThe military establishment looks in the mirror and sees only that they wear a white hat. They have destroyed the American dream and do not even know it.They have sacrificed the American standard of living to fund their wars. True, they defended the people against Hitler. But have they merely replaced Hitler from a power grabbing viewpoint perceiving themselves as rulers of an empire! There is no threat of an invasion by Russia or China. War has changed. The idea of conquest and occupation have faded into memory. If Russia were to take France, the French would look to them to pay their pensions. The world has changed very much.

The US military argues that America is the champion of democracy and human rights which justify its unique role in the world, or so they keep saying. They see themselves as the world’s policeman which justifies using force at will because everyone else is inherently a potential criminal.  Who gave them these special powers and obligations to rule the world? Have the American people ever sanctioned such a military role over the world or agreed to reduce their standard of living to defend the entire world?

TAX CYCDuring the 1960s Presidential Debate, John F. Kennedy caused the first postwar Gold Panic. He publicly stated the truth. The Bretton Woods Monetary System was collapsing not because of a trade deficit – it was the military establishment opening bases around the world and the dollars that poured out to build these facilities and maintain them. America was squandering its wealth on the whims of the military. It was not consumers living high on foreign goods. As the Democrats raised taxes to insane levels of 94% for World War II in 1945 and back to 91% for the Korean War, with each tax hike to fund the military, more and more companies began to leave sending manufacture overseas. The military sucked the lifeblood of the nation from its veins and now interest expenditures alone for all this accumulated war debt will exceed military spending by 2019.

This very idea that America has a divine role to police the world has always been controversial. This is a highly dangerous notion for these people who always desire war see themselves as better than everyone else and that justifies the lies and manipulation of the truth to accomplish their objectives. This delusional view of American power grew with victories in both world wars. They see themselves as the savior of the world and that role must continue even when there are no aggressors threatening our future directly with invasion.

So how does a chemical weapon attack inside Syria justify US involvement? It does not. The definition of an aggressor is a use of force against another sovereign nation. Not an internal civil war. There is no absolute proof that the Syrian government even used chemical weapons. The mercenaries know the game. Like Operation Northwoods, if they kill their own people and blame Syria, then the USA will rush in and support the Islamic terrorists. We are played for fools as always.

The US military views any crisis in the world as America’s responsibility to end. They argue that the failure to do so would mean giving up some of its moral power, and that will result in America appearing weaker. But EVERY nation has a right to defend itself from civil war. Spain has abused the people of Catalonia yet Brussels and the USA remain silent. Since there are mercenaries who are not even Syrian fighting in this war, it is highly debatable if it is truly a civil war or an Islamic faction invasion of a religious war. Clearly, there is another goal here and it is really just a proxy war with Russia. It is all about a pipeline that would compete with Russia in selling gas to Europe. That is the bottom line.

 Economic Confidence Model ECM Athen 455 404BC Martin Armstrong

athens acropolisBoth Napoleon, Hitler, as well as Japan, all lost in war because they waged conflicts on too many fronts. When you piss off the world, you end up with too many enemies and the old saying that two enemies will unite whenever they have a common enemy. The lesson of the fall of the Athenian Empire is a blueprint of what is to come. There were internal battles politically between the oligarchy and Democracy the same as we have today between the Democrats (Oligarchy) and the Republicans (Democrats of old). They too brought charges against the leader of the Athenian Democrats, Perikles, showing that Athens was divided for their empire was too big and tempting for corruption. This is why Mueller is desperate to take down Trump. The pattern from history is uncanny.

Delian League was found in 478BC to unite against another possible Persian invasion led by Athens. But Persia, like Russia today, became too weak to ever invade and by 431 BC, Athens’ heavy-handed control of the Delian League and demand for taxes to support a military that would not be used prompted the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. The League was dissolved winning its freedom upon the war’s conclusion in 404 BC under the direction of Lysander, the Spartan commander. The rise and fall of the Athenian Empire followed the same Pi frequency – 8.6-years.

It is a HUGE mistake to allow the military to dominate government and instigate this war over chemical weapons being used internally within Syria for it is just a proxy war with Russia. By the UN’s definition, it is the USA who is the aggressor, not Syria, Russia, or China. The USA has few friends and to engage in war will only lead to the same conclusion that Athens suffered. The United States cannot defeat everyone if they too ban together – your enemy is my enemy. Many outside the USA will see this a freedom from American aggression. Banning together will leave the USA in shambles and defeated. History stands as a blueprint upon which the future is determined.