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Ukraine the Real Story

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COMMENT: Former national security adviser John Bolton that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin was “waiting” for a possible United States withdrawal from NATO, claiming former President Donald Trump would have likely made such a move had he been reelected, The Hill reports.
I also see that Steve Bannon is going after Hannity for jumping off the Putin wagon and also Pence letting the orange turd know he is also. They eat their own in the republican party…

REPLY: Bolton was a plant in the Trump Administration. The Deep State selected Trump’s cabinet. I am not speculating. I myself was asked to take the position of Chief Economic Adviser during the Bush Jr. Administration and declined. Bolton is a warmonger. He came out against Trump because he wanted to exit Afghanistan. I went to Mar-a-Lago for a private dinner and I was shocked. It was the very first time I EVER heard a president say it bothered him to send letters to parents and received bodies of American soldiers who died in Afghanistan and he said for what? “They have been fighting over borders for a thousand years. What difference are we going to make.” Never have I ever heard any president concerned about American life.



Climate Change ClockYou may hate Trump, but what you have voted for is the start of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization. You can deny everything and Bolton can spin his BS. Biden is now blaming Putin for the rise in gas prices when from the outset he promised to “end fossil fuels” and immediately took that position. These sanctions against Russia are also to accomplish the same ends – terminating fossil fuels because these people really think there are only 7 years left and that was 2 years ago.

Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) which was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur? It was shot down on July 17, 2014, while flying over Eastern Ukraine. All 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed. Immediately the US accused Russia and then imposed sanctions on them. It was shot down by the Ukrainian Nazis with an old Russian missile that Russia was no longer using. They did so trying to get the US to enter their revolution against Russians living there in Donestk. Why has Zelensky refused to allow those people to vote? Russia had no motive to shoot down that flight and it was not over Russian territory. It was a false flag to try to blame Russia by the very Ukrainian Nazis who support Zelensky.

You should watch the film Ukraine on Fire by Oliver Stone before you make assumptions. People are clueless as to the real story of Ukraine. They too joined the German Nazis and also engaged in the genocide of Poles, Jews, and Russians. They were notorious but BECAUSE they also hated Russians. For this reason, the Ukrainian Nazis were NEVER put on trial for the very same war crimes that the Germans carried out. So your enemy is my friend as they say. You are cheering for Zelensky who is also trying to create World War III not just because he hates Russians allowing the civil war to continue against them, but he is also in league with Schwab and his World Economic Forum seeking to destroy the world economy so they can BUILD BACK BETTER under the economic theories of Schwab.

They used psychological warfare to make sure you hated Trump and voted for Biden not on issues, but solely on your hatred. They are carrying out the very same psychological warfare to get you to also now hate Putin and therefore you will NEVER look at the facts.

Schwab Construct Future

This is not an issue of supporting Trump or Putin. This is an issue of supporting humanity against those who think they are God and can reshape the future into the design that they have in their wild imaginations. These people are DESPERATELY trying to create World War III stirring your hatred so you become a mindless pawn in the war games. You might as well wear an explosive vest and blow yourself up for Allah, for they use the very same tactics on young Arab kids to die for their political games as well. Leaders of such movements never blow themselves up – it is convincing others to do so.

Trump Putin Puppet

The “orange turd” as you say was demonized and his controller was said to be Putin. To accomplish this agenda, they needed to remove Trump, then Putin, and then they will turn on China. Soros, who I believe is behind the funding of Zelensky, is already out starting to demonize Xi Jinping in China where Soros has declared “the greatest threat that open societies face today.” To support their agenda, they have to get you hating China, Russia, and Trump. I believe COVID was created in a lab and deliberately leaked in China and then they call it the CCP virus.

You have no idea what is really going on and if anyone tries to expose it, they dismiss it as conspiracy theory so they never have to answer questions. You probably are also one of those people who couldn’t wait to keep getting vaccine boosters and wore your mask in your car while driving alone. Do you also sleep with a condom on at night when alone just in case?