Ukraine & Reality

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QUESTION: Why do you think that Putin should win? The world seems to be on the side of the Ukrainian people.


ANSWER: I see the problem as Zelensky is really fighting for money but the press will not report the truth. There are vast gas fields under Crimea and he deliberately cemented off the canal to deprive Crimea of water. In the provinces demanding separatism since 2014, he has denied them any right to democracy because that region is also rich in oil. Look at the money and you just may see why Zelensky is putting his entire country at risk to benefit their oil companies so he can compete with Russia and hopes to provide the natural gas to Europe cutting off Russia. This is the same plot that saw Obama wanting to invade Syria to put through the Qatar pipeline to also cut off Russia from supplying energy to Europe.

Zelensky has been calling on every country to send him troops and jets. They have declined. He is pushing everyone to impose sanctions to permanently remove Russia from the World Economy. It is out now that China asked him not to invade Ukraine until the Olympics was over. Biden boycotted the Olympics and it was NOT for human rights. It was because China was aligning with Russia and they knew it back then.

Zelensky’s handlers should have backed down, let the Russian provinces leave, and remove the cement blocking the water supply to Crimea. They thought they could get the entire world involved so they could replace Russia from supplying energy to Europe. The lives lost here are all for energy and their idea of provoking Russia was not well taken for they did not understand that they would divide the world and bring China and Russia together against the West.

I look at the long-term here. This will only lead to World War III. The Ukrainian city of Kherson has now fallen to Russia. This is a vital port city for Ukraine. They cannot win against Russia. This has been a foolish endeavor and the press has not been honest nor investigated why this buffoon is leading his country into a suicide pact all for energy profits the people will never see. Our computer highlighted Ukraine as the hotspot for international war back in 2013.

So you can cheer Zelensky, but know the agenda you are cheering for. It does not matter what I say. The winds of war are upon us and the propaganda is far too great to overcome. This is the inevitable war that the computer has been forecasting. I have personal long-term friends in both Donestk and in Kyiv. I know the history on both sides. Going into 2032, I only fear for my family. I get to leave this insane world and all the fools who think this is a soccer or football match and that somehow they can win and defeat Russia and proclaim victory standing on their little hill. There is no victory in this conflict – just profound destruction.

There is a program green-shot I recommend. You should take screenshots of your accounts for there will be cyber attacks on banks. You better start storing food. A can of food might be worth a lot more than cash in times of war. While you are cheering for Zelensky, keep in mind that about 30% of the world’s wheat supply comes from Russia and Ukraine. Biden has NOT been honest. He said there will be a price for freedom. But that price will be continued inflation into 2024 and we have not seen anything yet.

So as you champion “freedom” while denying any democratic freedom to the East of Ukraine since 2014, which was supposed to have been brokered by Germany and France that was ignored for money, remember that even LBJ lied on TV about Americans being attacked by Vietnam. Over 50,000 Americans lost their lives for a lie. Most of my high school friends died for politics – not God, and country. Even Wikipedia reports: In 1965, President Johnson commented privately: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.”

This is NOT a war anyone will win.