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To Those Mocking Safe Havens

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A word to individuals who mock those looking for safe havens. We do not realize how lucky we are to live in America, Canada, or elsewhere during this current time period. Those who write in desperately seeking a safe haven are NOT simply greedy people looking to evade taxation. People are looking to evade government oppression.

Zelensky playing Solier 2

Take a look at Russia and Ukraine. I know a woman with family in Russia. She can visit Russia, but her son cannot. Her son was born in Russia but has lived in America since he was a child. If he were to step foot on Russian soil, he would be required to serve in the war. There are countless Ukrainian men hiding out with their families, praying that Zelensky fails so that the war will come to an end. Families with young boys do not want to see their sons go to war when they reach a certain age. Young men in these nations simply do not have a future other than acting as cannon fodder in a senseless war that in no way benefits their people. Ukraine is asking older men to join the war effort now too as the replenishment rate is unsustainable. People may flee overseas, but the government will seek them out and punish them if they dare to return. The place they once called home no longer exists.

The government owns them.

Covid Conspiracy R

We are witnessing all governments diving deeper into tyranny amid this wave of private confidence where all hope in government is lost. Many western governments are now attempting to impose ridiculous taxes that ensure the people are financially owned by the state.

Draft Military

The West is already talking about requiring women to serve as well amid this woke ideology where we live in a genderless society where a “birthing person” has no role in caring for future generations as it is the government’s job. Hence why governments are eliminating parents’ rights to choose what their children learn in schools or believe because, as Joe Biden said, your child is “everyone’s kid.”

Power Grab 2

This goes far beyond merely evading taxation. Militaries are continually failing to meet their annual recruitment standards. Younger readers do not recall the last US draft for Vietnam. Families gathered around the TV and anxiously awaited the government’s lottery drawing. If your birthday was selected by the lottery drawing, you were required to serve in the military and leave your life behind.

The drums of war are beating loudly. The West may only be supplying financial aid and extorting its people for financial aid—for now. Our politicians have control over our lives and our futures, or lack thereof.