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There is no Glory in the Grave

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“The working class of Europe has nothing to gain from this war and everything to lose,” Irish European Parliament member Clare Daly stated in October 2022. “I find it laughable that those who call for arms to Ukraine never call for arms for the people of Palestine, or for the people of Yemen.” She is right – the people have absolutely nothing to gain through endless wars. Some may say, “Oh but Palestine and Yemen do not border Europe.” The neocons led Europeans to believe that they were in danger of Russian aggression, as if Russia were on a conquest to conquer all of Europe. In truth, they knew that Russia only wanted to reclaim a piece of land that historically hosted Russian people. Europe at large was never in danger; they are now.

Clare Daly has been aggressively advocating to end the war in Ukraine. Daly spoke out in March 2023, declaring, “Ukraine is burning through a generation of men.” Zelensky is sending in troops with no formal training who are expected to fight his endless war. People cheer when they hear of a successful attack or new weapons coming in, but no one thinks of the Ukrainian and Russian men on the frontlines who will never return home.

Think of the teenagers who know in a few short years that they too will be expected to fight, with no other potential future. Ukrainian male students were prohibited by the Ukrainian Ministry from traveling abroad to study, as Zelensky needed them ready to fight to replace their older brothers and peers who may perish in battle. Yet Zelensky parades around in a military green shirt, forcing men to die, knowing he will not receive so much as a scratch.

“These are human beings, and there is a shameful lack of empathy for ordinary people in the war rhetoric in here. The debate is about keeping the war flowing to keep the war going,” Daly shouted. Peace was never an option for the West. Russia did in fact offer to hold discussions. They appeased Russia with the Minsk Agreement that they never intended to keep, as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted. Merkel said that the entire premise of the Minsk Agreement was to buy time to build up Ukraine’s military. War has always been the goal of the neocons. Russia was none the wiser of the grand plan until after they entered Ukraine.

Clare Daly has expressed how livid she is at the warmongers for continuing this war. It is a rare occurrence to see her speaking out on BBC or any major channels. She has questioned what it even means for Ukraine to “win” the war. “Ordinary people don’t win in wars, they’re cannon fodder in the games of others,” Daly said, “You can shout glory all you like, but there is no glory in the grave, and only graves come out of this folly.”