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Migration Patterns & the Risks Behind the US Election

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QUESTION: Being there is lots of trouble coming after the election, does Socrates see a mass exit of people to other countries ie Canada?


ANSWER: No, the indication is the opposite. It appears people are moving into the midwest and selected areas in the south, particularly Florida. We are running two major projects: (1) country by country analysis, and (2) state by state analysis to determine the election. It appears that we will NOT know who the president is at best until December, and at worst, into January 2021. This mail-in vote and states deliberately locking down again to prevent voting are all designed to create total chaos for the election.

We now have the military establishment suggesting that the military should intervene in the election. General Milley has been urged to remove Trump ‘by force’ if he refuses to leave office by other retired generals on behalf of the left-wing agenda. This is falling in like with Podesta’s comments from his war game rehersal for the election. But make no mistake about it, the elite in the military would love to remove Trump under any excuse, as they did against Kennedy, so that they can invade Syria and confront Russia.

Russia’s EMP program is not fully appreciated or understood. If they could reach the level of a major satellite EMP cannon, they could take out the internet and electronic communications in the USA, paralyzing the ability to respond. So far, their EMP weapon as described more closely resembles microwave guns, a kind of directed energy weapon that’s seeing modern usage as an anti-drone tool with a range up to 10k. Russia is NOT defenseless, and the US military establishment may be biting off more than they can chew with their arrogance.