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Podesta & Military Coup?

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I seriously doubt that the majority of people even think this election is anything but normal. Many hate Trump simply because of his Tweets. Others cannot even explain why they hate him so much. This has been an information war from RussiaGate to Impeachments. The divide between Republicans and Democrats has never been this significant since the civil war. The worse part of this has been just how intense hatred has entered the game. This is no longer just politics – it is all about the future and human rights.

New Green World Order Plank

There has been an intense battle to overthrow Trump which is an international effort because they see him as standing in the way of their global goals of this New Green Socialist Agenda. They are applying pressure on fund managers to end all investment in China and Russia to bring them to their knees to accept this global agenda. Our computer warns that effort will fail. While our computer also warns of this being the most corrupt election in American history, we have been forecasting for more than a decade, I have stated plenty of times, nobody will accept a political loss this time around.


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There was a group of former top government officials in which they called themselves the Transition Integrity Project where they played a game as they did at EVENT 201 for this virus. They had four possible scenarios, which even include one that looked like 2016 where they would lose the Electoral College. Mr. Podesta played Mr. Biden, and he responded that his party wouldn’t let him concede as Hillary had done alleging voter suppression. Podesta then persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College to change the vote.

They also played out a scenario where a Trump victory would lead to California, Oregon, and Washington moving to secede from the United States. He also played that if the Electoral College could not make a decision because of the delays from the mail-in votes, then the House leader, Pelosi, would name Mr. Biden president. The Senate and White House would reject that and support  Mr. Trump. At that point, Podesta would turn to the military to remove Trump.

Never in the history of any election, has there ever been such a political war game played. This warns what our computer has been forecasting about the rise in civil unrest and the risk that this will prove to be the most corrupt election in American history.

I have also warned that Trump was not my concern. My biggest concern has been what comes AFTER Trump. It does not appear that we will still have elections post-2024 going into 2032. Even a Trump victory may buy us a few more years, but we must face the fact that we are spiraling down into political chaos and there will be no coming back. Clearly, the financial capital of the world will shift to Asia. This battle is more than defeating Trump, it is about changing the United States to join a greater socialist agenda which is on target from the previous revolutionary attempts since 1848.