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The Cheerleaders of War

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Coronavirus China

China Proposes A Law Allowing Citizens To Sue US For Starting Coronavirus Pandemic which is entirely understandable after the US Congress proposed Americans can sue China in US courts for the same reason. So lawsuits will be filed, each country will decide against the other, and the people will be entitled to confiscate each other’s assets in their country. Ya – that should be great for the economy!

Of course, what the Congress proposed was a violation of international law. They can no more waive sovereign immunity of another country than the USA would be subject to suit in China. But law no longer matters. This is all just politics now on both sides.

What is going on is really absurd. The US threatens sanctions if Beijing passes the new laws on Hong Kong which GUARANTEES that they they then MUST do so. I do not know if we have the dumbest politicians in history right now, but it certainly seems to be. You cannot threaten sanctions against a major power be it Russia of China and actually expect that they will back down. All this does is build the cold war with higher walls that lead to war.

Of course, I get the typical hate mail that twist it to say I just “love” China. They are the typical cowards like Dick Cheney who have no problem sending other people’s children off to war to die so they can cheer while watching it on CNN as some video game completely detached from reality or human responsibility. I would love to send such people to the front lines in a war and they should be the first to die for their childish nonsense. I lost 50% of my high school friends to Vietnam. What did they die for? Strip clubs in Vietnam? Communism fell all by itself because Marxism is unsustainable no matter how many times these people try.

War Graveyard

These people who are cheering war will, unfortunately, get their way. They will be sitting drinking their beer and watching CNN as if this is a sports game and their team will smash the other. They are total idiots who have no idea what unfolds in war. Nevertheless, they will cheer it like the sick individuals they really are. I am sure they just party on Memorial Day and have never for one second thought about all the people who have died fighting wars that have never been about what the politicians claim.