Creating the New War That will Justify the Confiscation of American Assets in China

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In Europe, the EU has used this coronavirus to justify nationalizing companies if the Chinese try to invest in any. In the United States, Congress wants to enact legislation to let Americans sue China over coronavirus damages. What is astonishing about this is that it has been established law that no American can sue the government with the government’s permission. Just last year, the Supreme Court which previously held that where one state could be sued in another back in 1979 in Nevada v. Hall, they have now overruled that decision holding that states have sovereign immunity in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt. The court wrote that the Hall court misinterpreted the framers’ intention that states should retain their immunity from lawsuits at the founding of the Constitution. If an American cannot sue a state or the federal government unless it expressly waives its sovereign immunity. I FAIL to understand how Congress can possibly waive the sovereign immunity of China. This is inviting war because someone will sue China, the decision will be political without proof, and then a judgment would be entered against the assets in the United States. This will ONLY invite China to start confiscating American assets in China. If you wanted to know how hard the West is going to fall, you now have the answer.

This is a political BRAIN DEAD decision. How about a real special prosecutor to investigate the connections right here in the West that created the lockdown which China did not inflict upon the West. That might reveal some facts nobody wants to deal with. Americans should be able to sue their local states for damages because they violated the Constitution and the Commerce Clause. How about a class-action lawsuit to open that door? I am sure they will raise sovereign immunity!