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Soldiers Training Globally for WWIII

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I explained that Romania is becoming a World War III training battleground for NATO. There are currently 40,000 troops on the ground throughout Eastern Europe, with more set to arrive. Colonel Vincent Minguet, the commander of the NATO Combat Group in Romania, believes the training will last up to FIVE years. Stronger militaries are training their allies now in preparation for what is to come.

This is expanding beyond Eastern Europe. France announced that they are welcoming 2,000 Ukrainian troops. French President Emmanuel Macron was hesitant at first, and only permitted 40 Ukrainian soldiers to be trained on French soil since February. As Zelensky and those holding his strings beg for more aid and a full-on escalation, world leaders are folding to his demands.

It will not be in a belligerent fashion because we are not at war. We are helping a country that is at war,” French Minister for the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu stated. They are directly involved in the conflict. The West has gone to war with Russia economically and now is directly contributing to the war effort in Ukraine. World leaders do not want the people to see what is unfolding before their eyes.

Under Operation Interflex, the UK has coached 10,000 Ukrainian fighters. The program puts soldiers through an intense five-week training program to learn basic skills before being returned to the frontline.

Ireland has been tasked with helping Ukraine learn to dismantle explosives and IEDs. The US has training facilities for Ukrainian soldiers in Germany, while the UK has opened up air bases for Canadian forces. Every nation is preparing for endless war. “We are probably, unfortunately, in the long haul when it comes to the war against Russia to stop Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, we need also long-term planning and training,” Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod admitted.

“[I]t’s clear (that if) the European Union armies pull together all their capacities, they can do much more than each one of their side,” stated EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell. Multiple nations combining their military power to defeat a common enemy – that is a world war.