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Pushing the Envelop for War

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Russia v USA 2

Rather than being pesimistic, our future depends on understanding who is doing what. It has been the Neocons in the Biden Administration who have lived their entire lives hating Russians, and Victoria Nuland, Anthony Bliken, and Merrick Garland are all Jewish who trace their roots to Ukraine and profess that their families suffered in the persecutions of Jews by the Russians. All three have weaseled their way to the top of the food chain, and with the absentee president, they have pushed the entire world to the brink of World War III. NOT A SINGLE member of Chongess will even dare to investigate what is happening. Nobody will stand up to defend our people or the future of our children and grandchildren. The Neocons have mainstream media in their pocket, and Putin is evil, so anyone who dares to look at the Neocons and their personal motives is a Putin lackey.

Migration Crisis 2024

The report is $35

The Democrats have flooded the country with uncultured migrants merely to retain power, and they do not care about the people or the nation – it is just about retaining power. This 2024 election will be a joke, and NOBODY will accept the outcome regardless of who wins. The days remaining in the life expectancy of the United States are numbered. As I outlined in the special report on the Migrant Crisis, this will backfire on the Democrats, for the unskilled people they are flooding the country with will turn on Americans exactly as took place in ancient Rome when Emperor Valens did the same thing as Biden and opened the border. When the migrants turned against the Romans, there was a huge battle, and even Emperor Valens was killed in that battle by the migrants.

The 2020_Coup 2

The report is $10

I have laid out how the 2020 election was REALLY stolen – inside Congress, not by voting machines or people who counter votes twice or the dead that vote year after year. I have put this report out for $10 because I fear they will do this again. Everyone would understand how it was really done using even COVID Rules that Pelosi imposed so not more than 53 people were allowed on the floor when any challenge must be debated before the full Congress. They may be preparing to use Bird Flu to support mail-in ballots, and the same scheme appears ready to replay.

Sateillite System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) was launched on February 22nd, 1978. A nuclear explosion in the lower atmosphere would destroy all the satellites we use, even for targeting. Such a blast may even prevent future satellites from deploying for up to one year. The Neocons have their fake media out there saying Putin is desperate, and they have the audacity to say his nuclear weapons are old and would not operate. Everything they say is to make it sound that the West can easily defeat Russia.

Reagan in quest of peace

Once upon a time, we had leaders who sought world peace. This book has a special place in my library. It was a great honor to have been called in by the Reagan Administration on economic concerns. I can tell you that the Neocons then OBJECTED to Reagan’s meeting with Gorbachev, and they advised him, “You can never trust a Russian.” If the Neocons ran the world, it would be in ashes by now. I have NEVER met people with such hatred in their souls. If we said what they do about Russians to any minority in the West, we would be thrown in prison on a hate crime. These Neocons are consumed with hatred and should NEVER be allowed anywhere near the reigns of power.

All I can say – get off your ass. At least write to your PRETEND representative and ask why nobody is interested in peace anymore.