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The Migrant Crisis – the Clash of Civilizations


This includes the Disease Cycle and

How We Should Expect Disease to Spread as it always does with Migrations throughout history

History repeats because (1) the judgment and passions of humankind never change throughout the centuries, and (2) society as a collective whole can never learn from past mistakes. Emperor Valens opened the border and allowed the Goths, Germanic barbarian tribes, to enter the Roman Empire because this was when Attila the Hun was pushing to the West. Valens, like Biden, thought these people could help in a future war. They were trained in Roman military tactics and given weapons. However, in the end, they joined forces with other Goths and turned on the Romans from inside their own empire. There was the major Battle of Adrianople on August 9th, 378AD; ironically, the emperor who let them in died on the battlefield.

Both Europe and the United States have allowed people of different cultures to invade, and in the process, they are not interested in assimilating and adopting our beliefs and traditions. They wish to retain their own culture, and in Europe, some are burning down Christian churches and raping women because they appear to “want it” in their short shirts. This is the end of Western culture as it was for Rome.


In fact, it was the invasion of the Goths that changed society, and even our word today for “god” was derived from barbarians, not Romans. Most interesting, this invasion of the Goths was so profound that to this day, our English word “god” is derived from the Proto-Germanic version of gudą, which is derived from the Goths’ Germanic language, guþ.So, the next time you pray to “God,” remember that was a barbarian word – not Roman, which was “Deus” – the Latin word for “god” or “deity”.

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