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Pence Promises War if Elected

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Mike Pence is chomping at the bit to invade Russia. He became the first GOP presidential candidate to travel to Ukraine to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump, DeSantis, and Kennedy have all stated that they want to end the war immediately. No one is as EAGER to involve themselves as Mike Pence, who all but guaranteed World War III under his rule.

“I have no doubt that if (Russian dictator) Vladimir Putin overran Ukraine, it would not be too long… before the Russian military crossed a border where we would have to send our fighting men and women to fight against them,” the Republican presidential candidate said. Pence has even condemned Biden for his “slow” reaction, despite sending so much money to Ukraine that the Pentagon cannot keep track. “I mean, President Biden said in his State of the Union address that we’re there as long as it takes. But I want to say to all your listeners, it shouldn’t take that long,” Pence said.

BUT WHAT WOULD REAGAN DO? Every GOP candidate channels his name and pretends the ghost of Reagan would back any policy they put forth. “Look, Ronald Reagan said in 1985 words in his State of the Union address that were later called the Reagan Doctrine. It was this idea that if you’re willing to fight the communists in your country, with your soldiers, we’ll give you the means to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here. And that was part of the philosophy of American leadership in the world that set into motion the forces that brought the collapse of the Soviet Union map. And I think this is just the same fight,” Pence said.

The conflict in Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with communism. Pence claiming we need to fight the Russians in Ukraine to prevent a conflict on US soil is ignorant at best. There is no threat of Russia invading America or Europe. Russia put forth multiple peace treaties, but the West continued to fuel the flames of war. Ukraine is a NATO leech, not a member, run by a corrupt government that disregarded all options for peace. Why would we send our men and women into battle to die? Because the ethnic Russians didn’t have their promised elections in the Donbas? The only people who will benefit from a world war are those like Pence, who profit from the military-industrial complex.