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Macron Needs War Before the EU June 9th, Election as Does Biden

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Emmanuel Macron is desperately trying to take Europe into World War III. The EU elections are June 9th, and the Right is well ahead in most of the polls, which is unsurprising as Europeans are starting to wake up to the cost of Climate Change. Like Biden, Macron seems to need a war, fearing a loss of power on June 9th. Presidential elections are not scheduled in France until April 11th, 2027. Macron is not eligible to run in the 2027 elections since he is limited to two consecutive terms in office.

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When we look at the 68% disapproval rating of Macron, we see the natural response of any politician is to find an external enemy. The once peace-loving Macron now champions World War III to stay relevant like NATO.

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Macron fears that France’s right is expected to make sizable gains in June’s European elections. They may be able to reshape EU politics overall as it could influence the making of any new coalition in the European Parliament and weaken pro-EU forces, which would be a true cry for freedom. All centralized governments ultimately fail. That was the difference between Lenin and Stalin and why the Soviet Union was unsustainable.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in France on Sunday, May 5th, 2024, just in time for our turning point on May 7th on the Economic Confidence Model. This is a state visit hosted by Emmanuel Macron, who will try to threaten and intimidate him into backing Russia in the conflict over Ukraine. The arrogance of the West threatens anyone who supports Russia when they are pouring in everything they have to destroy Russia with covert plans to take over the country as they always have. Xi’s arrival for the visit marked 60 years of diplomatic relations between France and China, beginning with his first trip to Europe in 2019, which will also see him visit Serbia and Hungary.

Pentagon Chine is number one enemy

China would have to be really stupid, for once the plan is to destroy Russia, they will then turn on China. This is Julius Caesar’s strategy – divide and conquer. Macron is no Richard Nixon, and he offers nothing but threats. This war would be over in 24 hours if the West honored the Minsk Agreement that they negotiated in bad faith to buy time for Ukraine to kill as many Russians as possible.




Putin has made a direct threat of World War III against the real players here in the War, which are the USA, UK, and NATO – Ukraine is just the expendable mercenary conscript. Putin keeps warning, thinking that the West will back down, but they refuse to see any peace. He has stated that if Ukraine destroys the bridge connecting Crimea and Russia, there will be “an indestructible blow of retaliation” to Ukraine’s allies. My concern is Putin keeps stating his red line, and the West keeps telling Ukraine to cross it in hopes that Putin will strike anybody in NATO.

2014 War Cyclew 2011 Conference

When I stood up at the 2011 World Economic Conference and delivered the forecast for war would begin in 2014, it seemed farfetched to many. But this model has been uncanny, and we are headed into the peak of war in 2027.