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Military Tactic – Demonizing World Leaders to Create War

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Some people have accused me of being a Putin Supporter, which illustrates just how brainwashed they actually are.  In war, you must demonize the leader of your opponent to fire up the people to convince them they should die on the battlefield for honor and privilege. This is a military strategy. They demonized Sadam Husein and they tried the same thing with Assad of Syria. They paint such leaders as evil demons and if we go in and overthrow the government, the people will cheer and give us a ticker-tape parade. This was a purported goal of invading Iraq.



Putin clearly believed in the Minsk Agreement. He sought to explain it to Zelensky before the war. Zelensky turned his back on the agreement because he was instructed it was never intended to be implemented. It was only to fool Putin and buy time to raise an army to wage this war to destroy Russia. That was the plan from the very beginning.


Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

Since then, Merkel in response to asking why she is not telling Ukraine to comply with the Minsk Agreement has let the cat out of the bag – it was all fake. She admitted, now confirmed by all other world leaders there in Europe, that the West NEVER intended to honor that agreement. They played Putin for a fool. It was carried out only to buy time for Ukraine to raise an army. That has now put the world on notice that conducting any kind of a peace agreement with the US and Europe, forget it. They will never comply! Merkel has confirmed to the world that our Western leaders wanted war, intended to create war, and the end goal was to destroy Russia.

The West wanted this war both to hide their monetary failure, but also for climate change. They talk behind the curtain about how Russia must be destroyed to save the planet because 50% of their GDP was producing fossil fuels. Even British Petroleum has put out an internal report confirming that the Ukraine war was accelerating the shift to green energy.

The West instructed Zelensky there would be no settlement with Russia. They do not care if all the Ukrainian civilians die for climate change. It’s a noble cause – just ask Al Gore and Kalus Schwab. They want to reduce the population as well. That has been Bill Gates, his father, and David Rockefeller’s dream. Remember Hitler’s Eugenics?

Zelensky was to wage war until the last Ukrainian died on the battlefield. United Nations (U.N.) Secretary-General António Guterres cited the Russia-Ukraine conflict as one of his major worries, saying that the “prospects for peace” between the two countries amid the nearly one-year conflict continue to diminish. Of course, when it has been the Western leaders who instruct Zelensky to destroy his own country so he will be able to live in luxury in Florida.



It is interesting how the West justified invading Iraq because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction – nukes. Of course, there were none. They hanged Saddam anyway. They were there to liberate the people. They bullshit themselves every time that they are the people with the white hats. Remove that world leader and the people will cheer. It has NEVER unfolded even once under that nonsensical theory of self-aggrandizement.

Kristol the war over IraqThey now call Putin a war criminal because of the death of civilians in Ukraine, which Western leaders have instigated. In Iraq, we lost our boys for nothing, we killed countless Iraqis, and there was no ticker-tape parade. We sacrificed our boys’ lives for nothing, but we are somehow not war criminals because we are the ones who run the courts. They want to prosecute Putin as a war criminal for the very same actions that the West took against Iraq. This is all political and it is designed to hopefully cause the collapse of Russia driving it into civil war.

They never look beyond the end of their nose. They removed Saddam and created Isis. They plunged the Middle East into sectarian wars. Blair admitted, civilians then die in these wars they never anticipated. Once again, if Russia really went into civil war, parts would separate and they all will have nuclear weapons. What if the USA separated? Some states would become nuclear powers.

These people NEVER look at anything beyond their idealized goal. I knew Bill Kristol. He and Kaplan’s book was to justify waging war on Iraq. In their twisted thinking, they proposed this would strengthen Israel, and toppling all the various dictators in all of these countries would usher in democracy and make Middle East peace. They never consider history, culture, or anything else. They will always impose their way of life on another. Australia built apartment buildings for the Aboriginals because they sleep in the dried riverbeds. They went into the apartment, took the furniture, and used it for firewood. Sleeping inside a building was like a prison. They slept under the stars for centuries. Culture is everything.

Zelensky_Pursue_Nuclear_Weapons_2 23 22

On February 23rd, 2022, Zelensky stood up and declared that Ukraine would seek nuclear weapons. That violated every agreement ever signed between the West and Russia. It was also intended to force Putin to invade. Indeed, that night Putin addressed the nation noting that Ukraine was going to arm itself with nuclear weapons. He took the bait and invaded the next day.



Putin NEVER intended to conquer Ukraine. It is standard that you take out the power, communication, and then water if you want to bring a country to its knees. That is the criticism from the hardliners – he should have wiped out Ukraine’s ability to function. Even the military has blamed Putin for tieing their hands behind their back. They have routinely said they could have ended the war much faster if they were allowed to have waged an outright war. Even the Russian military expert, Dr. Konstantin Sivkov, has come out blaming the politicians (Putin) for interfering with the military.



Now Zelensky and Western Media propaganda machines are once more trying to cover up the truth. Here is the real video where Zelensky called on NATO to do a pre-emptive strike and launch a nuclear attack and wipe out Russia before they could respond.

2023_02_07_Zelensky_claims he did not Call_on_NATO_to_Nuke_Moscow

Zelensky and mainstream media are now blaming David Vance, who they classified as “a right wing blogger who was suspended from Twitter in 2022″ and they claim that Zelensky never called on NATO to nuke Moscow. This conflicts with the video evidence we have where he clearly calls for a pre-emptive strike.

Stepan Bandera

To those Ukrainian Nazis who send me hate mail saying I am on the wrong side of history, your hatred of Russia is so vile and distorted, you are fools. You are completely destroying your own country and you cannot avoid this destruction because of your blind hatred. Your worship of the Nazi Bandera and his policy to exterminate everyone from the region who was not Ukrainian has placed the world on the side of Hitler. I’m sorry, but you will not succeed and you will destroy the dreams of a Ukrainian nation-state. That’s not my opinion. Our computer has forecast your demise. You have been used as fools of the West’s neocons and climate change zealots.

Khruschev Brezinski

It is an absolute fact that Ukraine’s border was drawn when it was part of the USSR by Khrushchev and historically has NEVER been Ukrainian territory for its people nor was Ukraine ever a country before 1991. It has always been Russia and was part of the Russian Empire of the Tsars, long before the USSR. It was Khrushchev who not only drew the border for administrative purposes, he rebuilt Kiev after World War II. His successor, Brezhnev, was born and raised in the Donbas.

Lenin Stalin

When the history books are written of World War III, Ukraine will go down alongside Hitler. And BTW, Stalin was a Georgian, not a Russian, and Lenin warned that he should not succeed him. It was Lenin who wanted to copy the United States and each member would retain sovereignty. Stalin rejected that idea, poisoned Lenin, and seized power installing absolute central control. Your hatred of Russia was the policies of Stalin who starved Ukraine to pretend his policies were working.



You will never win and in the process of completely destroying Ukraine, you will unleash World War III and forever be remembered with hatred for your lies and manipulation of the Western press. Your demonization of Putin to get the world to hate all Russians will be your own destruction for those behind Putin are far worse and have come to see what this war is really all about – the destruction of Russia and they will fight to their last man as well. They will use nukes because the West is clearly trying to destroy Russia as they did in Iraq.