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Former NY Gov Predicts Mass Uprising Over Migrants

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Ex-NY Gov. David Paterson (D) admitted that he sees revolt as the only solution to the migrant crisis. The Democrat and former governor said he does not understand the open border policy. “The federal government just decided they are sending the people in, and we should just be happy. I don’t know what it is that they expect. They sent really no money,” Paterson said. “It could in some ways backfire when other cities have the same problem as New York City. There might be a kind of city-vs.-country revolt — which we probably need at this point.”

This is on target with our models that say 2024 will be an ugly year for democracy. The cost of living is unsustainable, and instead of proposing solutions, we see our leaders sending our funds to Ukraine and focusing on transexuals and controlling the weather. Biden’s vast corruption is blatant and ever staunch liberals cannot deny that he has interests elsewhere. His tone-deaf response to Maui and repeated stumbles show that he is incapable of managing even a bubble gum machine. But now, as poverty rises with the declining economy, people will not stand to see outsiders reap the benefits of government aid at their expense. Again, the borders were strategically opened as our government permitted a mass invasion.

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All of the blue sanctuary cities are declaring a state of emergency over the number of migrants that continue to arrive. They have no solutions and their brain-dead proposals are leaving Americans vulnerable as undocumented unknown aliens, mostly military-aged men, roam the streets. Notice how tons of these undocumented aliens are not even from South America, but that is merely how they entered. Lone young men from around the world have infiltrated our society and are crippling our cities economically.

The virtue signaling and pandering of the far-left has serious repercussions. The White House thinks they are controlling the chaos, but the people are at a breaking point. Inflation and the migrant crisis are the only extremely heated bipartisan issues that everyone agrees on. As I said recently, Rome had peace for 1,000 years because everyone benefitted. No one is benefitting from the corrupt political environment we have today, and people are finally realizing they do not live in a real democracy.