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Biden Tough on Border Policy — Not America’s

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The Biden Administration is willing to shell out over $10 billion to secure the border – the Ukrainian border. On top of this, Biden is offering Ukraine $22.5 billion in aid for pandemic-related expenses. All of this is in addition to the $350 million spent to protect Ukraine’s borders, and the $1.4 billion spent on the nation since 2021.

Biden and his crew are willing to secure a foreign border from a threat while neglecting America’s own border issue. The US spent $6.8 trillion during the last fiscal year, and the Congressional Budget Office stated their expenses were around $4.4 billion during the pre-pandemic era.

A Breitbart report from March of last year estimated that the Biden Administration has lost $6 million every day that it continues to avoid the US-Mexico border crisis. Well over half a million undocumented immigrants have arrived through the border in the past year.

The Pew Research center acknowledged that migrant encounters, not arrests, are at their highest level on record. The United States Border Patrol recorded 1,659,206 encounters with migrants at the US-Mexico border last fiscal year, surpassing last year’s high of 1,643,679. A quarter of all migrant encounters in 2021 and 2020 (27% and 26%, respectfully) were repeat offenders, compared to only 7% the year prior before the pandemic RESTRICTIONS further hurt struggling countries.

These are not just Mexican immigrants. Mexico remained the top origin of illegal migrants with a reported 608,037 encounters last year, accounting for only 37% of those crossing over. “The remaining 1,051,169 encounters, 63%, involved people from countries other than Mexico – by far the highest total for non-Mexican nationals in CBP records dating back to 2000,” the Pew Institute acknowledged

“Most of the encounters with non-Mexicans in fiscal 2021 involved people from the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. There were 308,931 encounters with people from Honduras last fiscal year (representing 19% of all encounters), 279,033 with people from Guatemala (17%) and 95,930 with people from El Salvador (6%). The Northern Triangle region has been a major source of migration at the U.S-Mexico border in recent years.”

This doesn’t account for the illegal migrants Biden flew in on overnight flights in an attempt to shift regional voter sentiment blue.