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Digital Currencies & Rations

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1936 German counterfeit British 20 pound

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong
A question that is worrying so many…
Will programmable central bank digital currencies be successful once introduced?
Kind regards G

ANSWER: Reliable sources are saying that they intend to (1) cancel all paper currency, (2) confiscate all cryptocurrency, (3) impose rationing, (4) wage World War III. Will CB digital currency be successful? Yes and No. They will impose it by sheer force and do everything in their power to attack black markets. They will fail in this endeavor for everything relies upon the power grid. If an adversary takes out less than 10 strategic power stations, the grid will fail and so will all money transactions.

Germany in World War II counterfeited the currency of Great Britain to undermine the currency value as a tactic to win the war. Today, you just target the power grid and that will kill the economy faster and far more sufficient than ever before. The black market will probably involve canned food and silver coins dated pre-1965.

During WWII, Americans were asked to make sacrifices in many ways including rationing. With the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government created a system of rationing, limiting the number of certain goods that a person could purchase. Rationing included gasoline, butter, sugar, and canned milk. War also disrupted trade, limiting the availability of some goods as we will expect this time around so get some of those pink umbrellas for your drinks for they come from China. Since the Japanese Imperial Army controlled Indonesia from March 1942 to September 1945, that cut off the supply of rubber. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 8875 created the Office of Price Administration (OPA) on August 28, 1941. They put in price ceiling on most goods in addition to rations.

US War Ration Books

Americans received their first ration cards in May 1942. The first card, War Ration Card Number One, became known as the “Sugar Book,” for one of the commodities Americans could purchase with their ration card. Other ration cards developed as the war progressed. Ration cards included stamps with drawings of airplanes, guns, tanks, aircraft, ears of wheat, and fruit, which were used to purchase rationed items.

They will impose curfews and lockdowns. The WHO is already proposing a worldwide COVID passport and they will most likely use that to claim they are filtering out spies.