Eliminating Currency = Communism

Columbia University Economist Joseph Stiglitz says that the United States should phase out currency and move towards a digital economy. All of these people [...]

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Government Requiring ID For Anyone Buying at Sotheby’s

As of January 1, 2017, you can no longer buy anything at Sotheby’s without proving who you are. I have bought many things from Sotheby’s over the past [...]

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Monetary Devaluations & Cancellations

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; What Modi has done here in India is far worse than what the press reports. I read your piece that this is part of a larger plan discussed [...]

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India is the Guinea Pig for Electronic Money

QUESTION: Dear Marty, What could be the true intentions of Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi in India cancelling the currency overnight. I have been [...]

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The New 2017 Banking System

The year 2017 will bring us a step closer to eliminating physical money through governments assault on the underground economy. I previously reported that Europe [...]

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Australia Looking Into Cancelling the $100 Bill

The Australian federal government is planning a full assault on the black or underground economy by appointing a taskforce who will consider the future of the $100 [...]

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The Coming Cashless Society & Automatic Driving Car Age

COMMENT: Martin – I wanted to let you know that I stopped at a Jimmy John’s today and they wouldn’t allow me to use cash. They had no drawer or [...]

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Pulling Plug Gov

India Joining Cashless Society – Pulling the Plug on Govt.

COMMENT: it is just chaos by politicians destroying the future. cashless society …how did u see this just amazing.I never thought it is coming to india as [...]

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New Zealand – Bucking the Trend to Move Cashless?

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand revealed new $5 and $10 notes. However, Reserve Bank deputy governor Geoff Bascand was asked directly if the redesigns could be the [...]

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QUESTION: Hi Martin, I like that you are very open minded when in comes to future tech which will change the world and dogmas (like electric cars and gas becoming [...]

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