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Chinese Migrants Actively Breaching US Military Sites

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This entire migrant crisis would not be permitted to occur under anyone but the untouchable Joe Biden. Reports have circulated at the Department of Defense, and FBI tracked more than 100 incidents of Chinese citizens breaching military bases by posing as tourists. I mentioned in an earlier blog how there were reports of military-aged Chinese men with military-styled haircuts lining up at the border. They have now become bolder in their attempts to shake US national security.

Trained Chinese soldiers were found scuba diving in Florida to a site where the US military commonly launches rockets. These “migrants” attempted to cross into a missile range in New Mexico. A group of Chinese nationals told the guards at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, that they were tourists and had reservations at a hotel on a military base. The FBI said that some of these Chinese migrants strategically used Google Maps to locate the nearest fast food restaurant near a military base. They have been trained and provided specific targets.

An FBI agent told Fox News: “The Chinese government is engaged in a broad, diverse campaign of theft and malign influence without regard to laws or international norms that the FBI will not tolerate. In coordination with our defense and intelligence community partners, along with state and local law enforcement, the FBI is committed to protecting our national security and defense information from the Chinese government’s actions and ultimately, their efforts to undermine our democracy and those who defend it.”

How could they possibly protect Americans when untold numbers of migrants are crossing the border each day? It is easy for the average man to enter the US-Mexico border, but a trained soldier will have no problem bypassing the barely existent security checkpoints. The enemy is already on US soil, plotting their next attack, and the US government is doing absolutely nothing to prevent it.