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Chinese Illegals Entering America Surge over 900%

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The US government is responsible for opening the border and allowing a full-scale invasion. They announced the end of Title 42, unlike other measures they keep hidden, and gave outsiders the information they needed to plan their invasion. There were numerous stories about Chinese spies infiltrating America.  Companies were prohibited from conducting business with certain Chinese countries due to security concerns. But, after Title 42 ended, countless Chinese military-aged men entered our country never to be seen again.

All reports and video state that the majority of invaders are military-aged males. This is an important point to reiterate because most of these people are not simply seeking a better life. China is nowhere near America. It logistically does not make sense. Someone flew these men near the US-Mexico border and likely instructed them to enter the US. NewsNation stated that there has been a 900% influx in Chinese migrants crossing into the US through the southern border. This was BEFORE Title 42 ended. Some reports state that some Chinese migrants are willing to pay tens of thousands to cartels in Southern America to enter America.

There was a report from Miami that the media conveniently covered up. A boat of Chinese men came on shore and scattered. The police only caught a few men, and they all had the same story. They are simply trying to escape poor economic conditions and future COVID lockdowns. If they were poor, they would not have had the funds to fly across the world. Again, these are MEN traveling ALONE. The media is spinning this invasion to make it seem as if everyone is simply seeking a better life where the streets are paved with gold. Yet they are entering in a manner that completely disrespects our legal system and leaves Americans completely vulnerable.

No one knows exactly how many “migrants” (invaders would be a more accurate term) have entered the US. At a minimum, tens of thousands of undocumented, unknown people are roaming across the mainland. Beijing and Washington are not on good terms. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth warned earlier this year that China would attack on US grounds if a war began. “[T]he United States homeland would be at risk as well, with both kinetic attacks and non-kinetic attacks—whether it’s cyberattacks on the power grid or on pipelines.” We do not have to worry about a foreign military invading from the sky or sea because they are already here, possibly stationed, and no one knows of their whereabouts.