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Never Forget – 9/11

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We honor the victims of the worst terrorist attack on American soil — 9/11. Take a moment to remember heroes in the fire department (my cousin was one of them), EMS, police services, and civilians who felt called to help. Never forget those who were lost.



Yet also never forget that the first World Trade Center bombers drew the twin towers in their prison cell with planes going into them. Never forget that the government KNEW and admitted that much, justifying Homeland Security because some agencies did not share information. Never forget, to this day, we still must take off our shoes and cannot have a bottle of water or even a jar of peanut butter. The government knew, and WTC7 was clearly taken down to cover up the place where all the evidence was stored. The claimed plane that hit the Pentagon miraculously destroyed the very room with all the financial records for the audit of missing trillions.

All the tapes from my case that confirmed the manipulation of markets by the bankers were in WTC7.

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