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Domestic Violence, Child Abuse & Crime All on the Rise

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Domestic Violence

QUESTION: Re The Consequences of Shelter In Place
Hi Marty,
It is very sad to see but reports of domestic violence are up considerably. The risks are always there but sudden stress of job loss combined with the pressure cooker of being cooped up with an abusive partner are a recipe for disaster. Are more people being beaten than are infected with COVID 19?
Thanks for the blog

Child Abuse

ANSWER: Domestic abuse is rising, suicides are rising, you cannot destroy people’s freedoms like this. Schools are close along with daycare centers. We also expect a sharp rise in child abuse. Then you have crime soaring. NYPD said that crime is up 22.5% in February over the previous year. This is totally insane. You confine people you get violence out of sheer frustration. Then the poor are the hardest hit for they were living pay-check to pay-check. It is no surprise that they will turn to loot stores. It is long known that you starve a person and they will turn even the most honest person into robber for food. We have to stop these elitists who only look at the surface and never below to see the consequence of their theories.