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German States Threaten to Take Children From Parents if They Suspect Coronavirus

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COMMENT: Dear Marty,
The health authorities of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg (2 of 16 federal states in Germany) demand that children are separated from parents and siblings if there is a coronavirus infection or just a probability of it. If people will not obey then the authorities threaten to take the children away from their families and detain them in public custody.
It seems they definitely want civil war.
Kind regards,
M (from Germany)
REPLY: This is, of course, the tactics of East Germany. Children were directed to turn in their parents if they heard them speak against the government. They were told that the state is their “real” parent instead of their biological parents. I really do not know what to say anymore. Governments are using this virus for some of the most communistic, authoritarian, and draconian regulations that are in conflict with any idea of human rights or a free society. I wish I could just stick my head in the sand and wait for this to all pass by 2032.