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The Pension Crisis is Starting

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Negative Interest Rates

The pension crisis set in motion by negative interest rates will be a major issue in the years ahead. Central banks have really screwed the entire social system and now everyone’s future is at risk. You cannot maintain negative to exceptionally low interest rates to help the bankers and claim it will ignite inflation and reverse the economy when you are wiping out the disposable income of the elderly. The elderly used to be the foundation of the economy for they always would spend when others feared to do so because they did not have to worry about future income.

Keeping interest rates this low is insane. Interest is the cost of money and takes into account the future expectation of inflation. The central bankers cannot inflate the economy when people simply hoard cash in fear of what lies ahead. This is why Trump and Sanders have done so well.

State pension funds, such as in Illinois, are bankrupting governments. One of the first lawsuits was filed by a private group alleging that their pension fund is underfunded and mismanaged as a result. Creating pension funds and then assuming the duty to manage them by a company is a lethal combination with negative interest rates. This will become a major crisis come next year. Trump better pray Hillary wins. The people will probably begin a revolution against her since she is owned by Goldman Sachs.