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The Hunt for Cash – Police Have Become Revenue Agents With Guns

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Malaysia Hunt for Cash

King John was forced to sign Magna Carta because he abused his powers and used the law to extract fines. That is why the revolt demanded trial by jury. Well, history repeats. Governments are abusing those same powers and are using the laws to harass people everywhere.

Never rent a car in Europe. They will send you tickets for everything imaginable. In Malaysia, they setup roadblocks and are pulling everyone over to see if they have any outstanding fines.

Driving to work, I was stopped by a roadblock twice. “PAPERS PLEASE!” The very same thing using the police to fund governments. If you have all your papers, do not owe money, and are not wanted for something, “PROCEED”. This is the new age of losing all our rights. We are the prey to be hunted by government employees to pay their pensions. This will not end nicely.