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The Conspiracy of Collapse

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Hi Mr Armstrong,

I’m still an avid reader of your blog. A question occurred to me when I read your article on vulture funds.

Do you think that it is possible that a general failure of the economy is organized (or at least pushed )? I mean it would create a captive market for the benefit of USA . If countries start to become autocratic and start stealing money directly from private bank accounts i m pretty sure the money will flee to “safe” countries (or supposed safe).



ANSWER: There is no real conspiracy. You are attributing way too much intelligence to these people. Vulture funds are simply out to make money to produce high returns by screwing anyone they can. They are now playing this game with Puerto Rico, and will try to do the same to states and municipalities. These funds will often buy debt at a huge discount and then use teams of lawyers to try to force full payment. Vulture funds play the same role as the Roman army during the collapse of Rome — cannibalizing their on country for immediate gains.