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The Climate Change/Global Warming Crowd Paid to Produce Bullshit

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Government is always about money — just show me the money. It is a shame that we have to deal with such corruption in academia. They can do as they like because they know students will get loans that they can never pay off so they teach nonsense and tell people they cannot find a job without their piece of paper. But then they have to be retrained anyway or they end up in a field other than what they have a degree in. So you can get a degree in basket weaving and find a job.

This same crew is putting out total bullshit about climate change when in fact they have ZERO analysis prior to 1900 to prove anything remotely close to what they claim. But as long as they can bullshit the people, they get the grants from the government to end up raising our taxes. This is just economic treason and the people are ALWAYS the target.

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Now three leading experts have all jumped ship, coming out to state that climate change is just propaganda. MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, Princeton physicist Dr. Will Happer, and Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore all have stated publicly this is pure political propaganda. This is simply a tax agenda and not science. I have yet to see any long-term analysis to support their arguments. It is pure bullshit. Please explain all the historical data that shows it has been hotter and colder than before the Industrial Age.

Now they argue, for our own benefit, that government should tax sugar at a global G20 level. This is really getting out of hand.