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Is Trump Becoming More Popular in Europe than America?

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While the leftists are out in force against Trump calling him racist and whatever else they can dream up for his travel ban from countries with Islamic terrorism, we are starting to see European protests against the anti-Trump movement. The London policy institute Chatham House calls a “reservoir of public support” on the continent for exactly such polices. The survey of 10,000 people found that support for ending Muslim immigration averaged 55% across 10 European countries, ranging from 71% in Poland to 41% in Spain. With the latest attacks in Britain, one must wonder how high this poll is going to go.

Tuvana TürkayPerhaps there should be a 90 day sentence for those who are against travel bans. However, prison might be too good for them and they certainly will not learn anything but wear it as a badge of honor and they get room service. Perhaps they should be made to travel to the countries they support and have to stay their for 90 days in an average room, not a 5 star hotel with room service. Perhaps they might then begin to understand how much culture matters. In some places, a woman will be arrested for walking down the street unescorted. Prostitution is just assumed. It is not a question of religion. Every religion has its extreme left and right if we are talking about Christians or Judaism. Islam is no different.

Turkey may be Islamic, but it is a totally different branch. Tuvana Türkay is a famous Turkish actress born in Istanbul who many consider one of the most naturally beautiful women. You would not suspect that she is Islamic from looking at this picture. Islam has its different flavors as does Christianity and Judaism. Trump’s six Islamic countries that were put on his ban list were actually selected by Obama. They were Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. These are the countries where terrorists are being trained. Neither Turkey nor Iraq or UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia or other Islamic nations made the list. It was not a religious discrimination as CNN and others portrayed, but a cultural risk.

With a few more terrorist attacks in Europe, Trump may be more popular in Europe than in America. LOL