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Germany to Enforce a €5,000 Limit on Cash Transactions

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Michael Meister

The German people do not have to worry about their taxes rising because of the Greeks; the refugees are whom they should worry about. Now the German government is joining the rest of the crowd and preparing to move electronic. They will look at introducing a limit of €5,000 euros on any cash transaction to combat money laundering and financing terrorism. For thousands of years, no such limits on cash ever existed. The definition of money laundering is now simply hiding money from the government that they want.

Deputy Finance Minister, Michael Meister, said “the risk of terror financing and…the problem of how to clear up money-laundering offenses properly” necessitates the total collapse of freedom in a pretend free society.


Europe will indeed be the first major nation to move electronic. The same movement is unfolding in Asia, and of course, Argentina.