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ECASH & Elizabeth Warren’s Hatred of America Linked to WEF

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QUESTION #1: Is this ECASH bill an attempt to do an end-run around the Fed raising interest rates and preparing to default on debt


QUESTION #2: Martin:
Congratulations on your “scoop” regarding ECASH, however… have done an extremely poor job of actually describing what it is…who will have it…will it be mandatory for everyone…what if anything it will change in regard to bank accounts, brokerage accounts,,,,daily transactions…etc…etc…etc! Is this going to be something that will immediately affect everyone’s life in a major way, or is it something that most of us can ignore, if we wish, at least for the foreseeable future?
ALSO…what are the odds of it actually being approved by the house and senate?
Thank you.


Federal Reserve Bank Notes

Set of Federal Reserve Notes issued by every branch

ANSWER: NO it’s not an end-run around the Fed with interest rates. It is terminating the Federal Reserve issue of paper money. The Fed will still be able to create electronic money buying in bonds etc as they do now. But they will not be issuing paper money so the question will be the next stage of how to actually cancel what is out there. They will NO LONGER be printing money from here on out once they shove this down the throats of the American people.

Warren Picketty

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA 1It is the en-run against economic freedom and forces everyone on the grid. So while Biden hurls insults at Putin for an autocracy, he is working hard to eliminate our freedom right here at home. Because you will ONLY be able to buy it from a bank account, by default, they will eliminate the cash economy and realize Elizabeth Warren’s wet dream – they will tax absolutely everything!

It is interesting how our economic freedom made America the #1 world economy and Warren turns to Schwab’s star economist on how to bring America down to its knees. The WEF goal is to end the United States as a superpower. I call that treason.

Warren’s adviser is not American – but the French Communist who lurks in the shadows. The World Economic Forum’s economic star celebrity – Thomas Pickety the French Economic Communist!

Girl Watching TV

You will have to pay that 14-year-old girl next door for babysitting your kids with barter – chocolate bars, lipstick, cans of food, or just clothes on a shopping spree. It will be MANDATORY for everyone since the Fed will no longer be printing paper money. The only change to bank accounts is that they will eventually be required for everyone as Europe has already declared that it is a human right to have an account. Your bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and retirement accounts won’t change since they are already electronic book entries. That will be the WEALTH TAX in Biden’s separate bill. As far as daily transactions, in reality, you will be paying for something at a store the same but the cash will be like a Debit Card.

This will NOT be something that will immediately affect everyone’s life for it has to pass Congress. This is the time to start writing to every pretend representative we have. Come November, we really need REGIME CHANGE here in America in a major way but it is time to consider abandoning the Income Tax and moving to simply a retail sales tax to recapture our freedom. Then the “rich” will pay when they buy their $300 million yachts regardless if it is from a Trust, Foundation, Corporation, or personal Piggybank.

This will NOT be something that most of us can ignore if it gets passed. It will completely destroy our personal freedom. It is going to be a tough sell for all we need is just ONE Democrat to say NO. Otherwise, the Democratic Party will destroy our future and that of our children making sure that the United States will become just a footnote in the history books. That’s what will unfold for daring to follow Marxism just as communism fell officially on November 9th, 1989 (1989.85) with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Guess what, 31.4 years from that collapse of Marxism, brings us to the rise of Marxism with the election of Joe Biden – 2021.25.



When Joe was practicing his speech in Poland, he was looking in the mirror saying:

“For God’s Sake, This Man Cannot Remain In Power”

Vending Machine

The Democrats have declared war on the free markets and want to destroy the underground economy. If you are a bellman, get another job. This ends all tips unless it’s included in the tab, and when you have your mask on for the next manufactured pandemic, there will be no coins left for parking meters or vending machines.