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Australia – The Most Aggressive Tax Authority in the World?

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Tax Robbery

Australia has been perhaps the most aggressive tax authority in the world. They are certainly competing to be #1. Besides stalking children to see where they go to school, and then demanded the school reveal how the parents pay the tuition, now they are going after insurance companies demanding to know what assets people are insuring.

The Australian Taxation Office’s new scheme is hunting money and assets to seize and tax. They are demanding the last five years’ worth of insurance policy information from more than 30 insurance companies. They are searching for “lifestyle assets” of the rich who they clearly hate with a passion. They are demanding details on clients who own yachts, any boats, fine art, thoroughbred horses, high-value cars and aircraft. They have targeted around 350,000 taxpayers.


This is the world we live in — “1984” has just been late to arrive. It makes you really understand the entire principle behind Atlas Shrugged.