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The Fed is Trying to Hold up the World

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Sovereign Debt Crisis Begins

QUESTION: What is you opinion sir on default on the debt when the FED is bailing out the world on it debts as fast as possible, including the 15 central banks with the “swap lines” loans to these central banks?? A Excel sheet is on the N.Y. FED web site with the list of the amounts and the banks. ECB is naturally first with the bulk of the almost $500 Billion, (chump change for a Hundreds of Trillions problem), last I looked.
The other tried and well tested way to default on the debt is currency devaluation with…..NEW Dollars. The magic digital debt printing press is all they got, so they have to believe in it, IMHO. Just what is it going to print??
Opinion please, sir.

ANSWER: The sovereign debt on a global scale is unprecedented. This COVID-19 shutdown has pushed the debt system over the edge. Even British Gilts turned negative for the first time in history at the hand of the market. The Fed will try to save the day, but this is beyond control. We are looking at a massive crisis in debt and it does not appear that debt will be able to survive. Our sources confirm that over 100 countries have asked the IMF for help already. This is too big to deal with for the Fed or a group of central banks.

The capital will shift into equities. We need confirming buy signals on our models in the various stock indexes to suggest that the shift is taking place prematurely.